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3. Limit the sorcerer.
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This is similar to the less combat oriented parts when I run a game my normal solution is just have more noncombat encounters
Indeed, don't limit the Sorcerer's abilities, but rather adjust the encounters. Yes, a Sorcerer can nova well and take out enemies quickly, however not all encounters are only straight combat. For example:

  • PC's face a Succubus or other charming or dominating monster. Much of the encounter is breaking charm on yourself or others. Once that happens, it's easy to drop the monster.
  • PC's face two parties fighting. It's not easy to determine at first which side is good and which side is evil. Once determined, then you can unload on the evil side.
  • PC's face a huge grappling monster. The meatshields need to free the Sorcerer or keep the monster away from the Sorcerer, so the Sorcerer can cast against it.
  • PC's have to navigate a glass Maze with an obvious magic monster at its center. The Maze part is within an antimagic field, so the meatshields shine while working through the Maze part, until the Sorcerer can shine once they reach the center and can unload magic on the monster.