[Sophie's Office]

Melissa waves off Reinholdt, and wishes him "Good luck, that sounds really fun."

To answer Sophie's question she looks down at her hand as she counts out three things on it. "There's basically three things I think I'll need to become a legendary hero," she says, not capitalizing it in her own voice, "namely, in order from most important to least, first: the proper temperament, because heroes are normally loud, friendly, and bombastic, right?" As she asks that, she looks up briefly at Sophie, before returning her gaze to her hand. "Second most important would be control over my blessings because, you know, it's hard to be a hero if you keep on accidentally hurting others."

"Finally, and probably the least important of the three - but still pretty important," she adds, "would be a better ability to control my actions and myself in the heat of the moment." She can lose her temper.