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My recommendation is to drop the Librarian and the powerfist off the one Intercessor. Pick up an LT instead, and/or an Assassin if he has the points for it. I'm pretty sure the Assassin won't break the Doctrine rule if it comes in as reinforcements. Also make one of the captains a Smash Captain. It can hang around for the counter punch to enemy melee armies.

Honestly though, with the new Doctrines making all the Bolters AP -1 starting turn 2, and the Imperial Fists getting extra bolter shots on 6+ to hit, I think he'll do decently. He's super vulnerable to melee, but if his ally can fill that role he'll bring a good gunline to the table.
Ah no, this is for singles so no ally. The issue with Bolters, even with AP1, is how bad they are at wounding anything relevant, how prevalent invulnerables and 2+ saves are (ironically, their Ignores Cover chapter trait is now better than before) in our meta. The issue with Smash Captains to hang around is Oathbreaker and Vindicares (also Eliminators). But I'll relay any comments back to him, 'cause Im heavily biased because I keep beating his lists in under an hour (Alaitoc just runs circles around marines, more at 11).