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Well, since you ask, why not do one of my old oneshot characters?
Name: Shidiri (Female)
Race: Tiefling
Class: Thief
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Background: Criminal -or- Charlatan
Since she was created for a short campaign, she never had her own solid backstory. She's a spitfire archetype, and prefers intimidation rolls over persuasion. She's loyal to herself, but will assist other downtrodden tieflings. She also despises the aristocrats.
[I did use her again in another short campaign where a friend played a tiefling warlock (male). We made them siblings, abandoned at the church orphanage run by a friendly old priest. The priest tried to turn them toward religion, but failed to protect them from the local denizens, so instead they turned to the dark arts and a life of crime.]
You can use that snippet as a cornerstone, or create something completely new and different! (I encourage you to make something new and exciting!)
EDIT: It was a tiefling warlock, named Vedras. He was played as a dark and brooding character who put up with the crazy shenanigans of the party. If I recall, the alignment was true neutral.
I stuck with the Religious guy trying to turn you to religion... Because, it just so happens that it was easy to tie into another origin.
I had written Barakas' backstory as a part of a new religious group in the Southern Ward. And later tied Erintor's background to the same event. So it was very easy to tie your character's background to the same event and make it fit seamlessly!

Because it tied into another event, it wrote itself - there's some development of your character... but more so about the Church and the "opposing" Church (The Pillars of Light). But it all helps build up what your character lived as a life, and the change in the end (where you mentioned she relied more on intimidation and why she ended up on that path).

As always, I'd love to hear feedback! What you liked, hated, loved, whatever you want to share - I want to hear it! It helps me, and it helps keep the thread alive!

Until then - enjoy!


It’s been a scar in my life that I hide, like a cut on the wrist that runs so deep; you wear long sleeves to hide it.

My brother, Vedras, and I were left on the steps of a rundown Church by our parents, whose names we never got to know. The “Church” whose footsteps we were left on was the Church of Mythia, a Church in the Southern Ward of Waterdeep which worships a Marilith – a female demon, with six arms, and a serpentine body, notoriously known for being evil – but claimed Mythia was different. Despite her outward appearance, she was a demon, cast out from the Planes of Hell, because of her compassion for the “Lost Souls.”

As you can imagine, the Church of Mythia attracted the attention of a lot of Tieflings who could relate to her. The outward appearance of a demon who was not as evil as the rest of the world might perceive them to be.

The Church of Mythia was led by a human, also an outcast, named Okil Northman, who genuinely believed in Mythia and her desire to unite lost souls under one banner and give them the family they were often deprived of.

However, the Church of Mythia wasn’t without their enemies. The Pillar of Light was a religious organization in the Southern Ward of Waterdeep as well, mostly composed of humans and half-elves who still believed there was hope for them to escape the clutches of poverty that the Southern Ward had ensnared us all in. The Pillar of Light was composed of followers not of just one god; but several different ones. Some were common gods, such as Torm, but others seemed to be made up by members of the Pillar of Light, such as Sadensa, the Goddess of the Eternal Light. The members of the Pillar of Light all believed that their chosen gods and goddesses gathered around every full moon to shine a light on the world and show them where evil resided.

Naturally, every full moon, the Pillar of Light was outside of the Church of Mythia, chanting how we were all devils and demons, and those who were not Tieflings were being “beguiled by the darkness.” Okil Northman, who led the Church of Mythia, always told us to ignore their ignorance and pray that their gods forgive them for the hatred spewing in their hearts and souls.

Ignoring the members of the Pillars of Light during Church is one thing; but when it’s day time, and you’re out trying to buy food and supplies, and the merchants are members of the Pillars of Light, and despite their poverty level, still refuse to sell to myself and my brother because we’re “demons” in their eyes, it can become significantly more difficult to try and survive in the Southern Ward. This is why Okil would ask his fellow Church members to go about and “earn as honest as a living as possible” and give the coin to him so he could go out and make the purchases.

He knew when he said “earn as honest as a living as possible” that because the majority of us were either Tieflings or Half Orcs, that it meant sometimes lightening a purse of an innocent person or two; but he never wanted to know how we can across the coin.

Years of growing up with other members of the Church of Mythia, I was taught how to move quietly and how to steal. My brother, they said, was a “Chosen One” because his connection with Mythia granted him special magical abilities, meaning that Mythia saw great promise in him.

One day, Fate would change everything. During the eighteenth celebration of Baraka’s day of birth, there was a celebration that was held for those who were a part of the Church of Mythia that acknowledged that they were adults. The Pillar of Light had caught word that there would be a special celebration and it just so happened to fall on a full moon; something that sent the overly zealous religious group into overdrive that they were being given a sign to stop the celebration.

What started out as the standard chanting of devils and demons, rapidly began to escalate as more of the protestors began to shout more and more violent suggestions. That’s when the first torch hit the Church and the run down Church that was mostly dry wood barely held together caught fire. Okil tried to keep everyone calm, but Baraka and a Half-Elf named Erintor Greenhaven, both seemed to undergo a change and chaos erupted. We were forced to fight the Pillars of Light members, with Okil shouting commands to defend ourselves, but not to kill. He was right, of course, because if we killed anyone from the Pillars of Light, it’d only add fuel to the idea that we were swayed by a demon.

By the time the night was over, the Pillar of Light members fled, carrying away their wounded, and we had successfully driven them away without killing any of them, but the Church was nothing more than crackling red embers.

That’s when my brother and I thanked Okil Northman for all of the years of shelter, but we knew we could not stay. The racial tension was too much. There had to be more out there in the world.

Okil’s words as we left were haunting. “Your parents may have abandoned you on our front door, but we have never abandoned you. Nor will we ever. May the many arms and blades of Mythia forever protect you.”

My name is Shidiri, and along with my brother, Vedras, we are out to see what the world offers. I have spent years of my life in the shadows. I am ready to step into the light and take what’s mine.