Thri-Kreen: appearing no weirder than some other +0 PC races, but for some reason saddled with 2 HD and +2 LA. Let's see if we can change that.

As mentioned, Thri-Kreen have 2 monstrous humanoid RHD. They're medium size, and have a net +2 to abilities (+4 dexterity, +2 strength and wisdom, -2 intelligence, -4 charisma). Their chassis additionally gives them +3 natural armor, a weak bite that can deliver poison (1d6 dex/2d6 minutes of paralysis) once per day, and a whopping +30 natural Jump bonus.

They also have four limbs, each tipped with an 1d4 claw. More interestingly, they can wield weapons in all or some of those limbs. In addition to opening up multiweapon fighting, this can be used to add another strength modifier of damage to each hit with a regular weapon.

Thri-Kreen also get Deflect Arrows as a bonus feat, a feat that I had completely forgotten about before now.

Finally, they get a few PLAs: 3/day Chameleon, 3/day Know Direction, 1/day Greater Concealing Amorpha, and 1/day Metaphysical Claw.

I think that all of that, combined with only two (quite okay) HD, is worth +1 LA. Do discuss!