The forum's only Vorthos is here again to note that, The Wildered Quest, Throne of Eldraine's novel, will be releasing next week. I will detail my thoughts on it here for those of you tangently interestedf. Expect some things to pop up as a "this is definitely a card" thing.

Speaking of which; we have received some preview pages, so I can say definitively what planeswalkers we can expect to see in Throne! Will, Rowan, GARRUK, and a new fey (possibly even fairy!) planeswalker named Oko! Oko's an anarchist, and he defeats Garruk and soothes a lot of his pain throw a combination of vines and mezmerizing magic. He renames Garruk "Dog" and has Dog refer to him as Master, so all you horny folk can enjoy this too I guess.