Within the confines of Zuu's magical dome, you all find some respite. Aside from the massive insects and impish reptile birds, nothing seems to come out to bother you.

You all gain the benefits of a short rest. Please roll any hit die you would loke

Since the point where Valafar has returned to the camp, slightly over an hour has passed. Madeleine Sonderholme and Ulysses Lomax went out to gather some fresh water as well, but they have not come back yet. Something must have troubled them on their way. You really aren't sure where they are right now, or whether even they are still alive.

Crynirad is the first to break the silence. "This cursed island has swallowed some of us already. I warned you all about staying in one place for too long, something must have found them. If the pirates around here weren't the ones to find them, then some mammoth beast has consumed them or one of the servants of the Other Gods have dragged them to places unknown... Or perhaps something more sinister is lurking within these woods. Regardless, all hope is lost for them."

After he finish his monologue, he forces a melodramatic sigh, which you are starting to find he has done quite of. This guy must have been in a play or two in his life if he behaves like this. He then continues, this time with much more energy. "We need to get of off this island. That means we need a boat. Although your ship may have been decimated, and so was the pirates who where here, I think that other people must have been stranded here as well. In fact, I actually met someone before your ship crashed on this part of the island who must have come from another boat. I can't understand his language, but I can take you all to him, and maybe one of you all can. Perhaps the boat he was on isn't so broken as to be unrepairable, and we might have a chance of getting away from this place." He is already fully packed and ready to move on, being clearly excited. He also apparently must be under the impression that you all have already agreed to his plan, despite the fact that none of you have had the time to comment.