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Juliet avoids talking about the bones for now, finding another tangent she feels like she can work with.
Unfortunately, she somehow hasn't quite figured out that Honeysuckle is blind. "Oh, so you thought the nurse was fake, too?" She leans closer and lowers her voice to a whisper, and looks around conspiratorially. "I knew there was something fishy about her, but I didn't want to bring it up in case she was watching. Don't tell her this, because then she might feel like an accident 'needs' to happen, but I'm pretty sure she saps away some of the life force from the patients, which is why it takes so long for everyone to recover in here."

She clears her throat and leans back. "Oh, right, yes, everything is going fine," she says kind-of loudly, as if she wants someone else to overhear. "What else did you ask me about?" She looks around for her props...oh right, she asked about bones. "Oh! Yes, this thing." She reaches down at the skull and lifts it up, looking at it. "Alas, poor Yorick!" she says, before turning to Honeysuckle. "I knew him, Ms. Scientist: a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy."

She turns towards the skull again. She adjusts her glasses, and says to it, "Now get you to my lady's chamber, and tell her..." she leans close to the skull and whispers something to it, occasionally glancing over at Honeysuckle between whispers. Then in a louder voice, she says to Honeysuckle, "Oh and tell that book-girl that I'm still wearing glasses, and ask her if she is, too."

Julie then drops the skull and it lands on the tambourine. Back to Honeysuckle, she adds, "Eh, he came in here with me and I just love teasing him. His reactions are pretty funny." She leans back, stretches, and then accidentally kicks the skull, breaking it. "Oops." She quickly picks it up and stuffs it inside her jacket, where it quickly dissolves and absorbs into the jacket's bloodstream.
"I guess I'm done playing with it. Want to hear some music?"

It seems the fuzzy scientist could get more answers out of Julia if she stopped distracting herself so often.
But she's sooooo bored! Why'd you leave her in here for so long? She's trying to get all her daily dose of interaction in a very short time period, just in case the fuzzy scientist leaves her alone again.
It would be easier to figure out if you could see that her eyes don't look at anything. But the goggles conceal that fact pretty well.

"The bones, Juleka."

"Okay, yes but where?"

"Juleka, you're not wearing glasses, and of course she, hey, wait! Bones! Focus!"

Honeysuckle sighs and leans against the wall.
The skull is just more of her shapeshifting plant monster tricks.

"Music later."
"Now, you wanna get out of there? You gotta help me."
"Let's start easy: what are you?"