The bird takes flight, its wings stretching... far further than they appear. The bird-like shape becomes even more blurry and indistinct as it spreads its wings above the two, its eyes remaining as the only constant element. As they set out after it, they will feel the road ahead... stretched, then compressed. The Eye of the Bird seems to be doing something to the space they're traversing. It appears less a continuous trek and more like a series of images. The road becomes a woodland trail, then a mountain pass, then a long bridge across a lake.

As the sun sets, the Eye of the Bird resumes its previous shape, sitting down on a rock. Ilpholin and Damon will find themselves on a naked, wind-swept crag in a silent, dry stretch of land just under the slopes of a mountain.

"The domain of Singer in Dimmed Crystal is under these hills," the Eye of the Bird tells them. "Head up the slope and you will find one of the entrances. Tell the elves that you have been sent by the King in Rags. I will be here when you return."