Astral Black, The Nova
Potential: 0/5

Nikita watches silently as Ezra and Szuper start to rapidly gorge themselves on the remainder of the takeout, his expression somewhere between concern and mild derision. He turns his attention back to his own single plate, thankful that he was given more than adequate a serving for himself. Given the new atmosphere, he keeps one arm curled close to the edge of his plate almost defensively as he picks at the remainder of his meal.

Peeking up at Mr. Worth and Jenny as it seems something important is about to be revealed, his eyes dart next to the flatscreen TV as it flicks on. He canít help but to be somewhat intrigued at the mention of a team name! In all honesty he canít think of something that could fully encapsulate the strange little group they have, but he trusts that the whole team of researchers and marketing can figure something out that suits well enough.


Nikitaís brows twitch inwards, almost furrowing for just a moment. It definitely sounds like the name of a TV show or similar, but it doesnít necessarily strike an immediate chord with him. Though he isnít a local, so maybe that has something to do with it. He doesn't hate it either, and it's not like he's about to argue anyway, he's still just happy to be along for the ride. The more he thinks about it however, the more he realizes his general fashion trends actually could probably be adapted to ĎWesterní without too much difficulty, just a little more gothic western. He isnít prepared to start calling villains Ďvarmintsí though, that is a step too far.

Nikita eases a bit as Mr. Worth seems to confirm that individuality is acceptable as far as costumes go, willing to compromise on a badge and colour scheme, given that the colour scheme isnít too garish. That waits to be seen. He was happy to accept the name they gave him, as he had been ill prepared to come up with something himself. 'Astral Black' still sounds too cool for him, in Nikita's mind, but if they think it fits he'll have to own it! However, when attention turns to Ezra, Nikita glances at his friend in surprise. Itís true that Ezra doesnít have a hero identity, though Nikita isnít sure the other boy is going to be willing to accept one either, and Nikita is almost afraid to think what Mr. Worth and his people have come up with for his stubborn companion.

Whatever Kita might have imagined, it is nothing in comparison with the real thing. When the fuzzy-eared hoodie pops up on the big screen, Nayaís mouth literally drops open in shock. Heís filled with a rush of anxious excitement, simultaneously overwhelmed with how adorable the garment is, and overly aware that Ezra will absolutely hate it. A selfish part of him wants to insist that Ezra go through with it, if only so that Nikita can steal it later.

ď...Itís so cute...Ē Nikita breathes before he can stop himself, knowing this will be taken by Adam and Jenny as his approval at least and possibly use that against Ezra. Nikita quickly covers his mouth and remembers to close it finally, staring at Ezra in a mixture of horror and anticipation.