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    Default Against the Aeon Throne: Starfinder Adventure Path

    It was supposed to be a milk run, 4k credits, a short trip out to the Vast, deliver the supplies to the colonists, enjoy their gratitude and hospitality and leave before their swarthy sons and buxom daughters of Nakondis convinced you to put down roots. Hell, your old friend, and sometimes benefactor Cedona was even in system and you had a lot to catch up since they'd helped you get your own piece of sky those many years ago! Sadly, that's not how it went down ... join me and we'll see how the story really played out!

    Welcome! We've got four players;

    • Dragon Host as Vault Hesperus, the Human Envoy, Captain of the [Ship Name]
    • Redfeline as Desdemonathule, the Ysoki Operator, Pilot of the [Ship Name]
    • BramsesII as Rainca Nari, the [I]Korashi Lashunta Solarion[i], Engineer of the [Ship Name]
    • Daedalus as Katara Cratermaker, the Vesk Soldier, Gunner of the [Ship Name]
    • Josienoms as Jehir Nerudan Irithiel of Clan Nir, the Kasathan Technomancer, Scientist of [Ship Name]
    • Lasombranti as [Undetermined], the Human Mystic, [Role] of [Ship Name]

    We'll be running this game use Core Rules & Armory exclusively. There will not be Legacy races, or classes involved at all.

    Each player will make ONE post following this introductory post, and one post only. That will be reserved for your Character sheet to be posted. Following I will make a post for your Ship, which we will detail once all characters are made. For any questions during creation we will be using the recruitment thread, here.
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