Ezra, The Delinquent
Potential: /5

Ezra folds his arms over his chest once the gorging stops, the feeling of being too full hard to work through as everything settles and the want for a nap builds. He doesn't weigh in on the name or the themes shown on the television, both because of his food coma and because he trusts his team to moderate the more inane and aspects of spectacle Mr. Worth seems to enjoy so much. He was thankful that they weren't all as theatric as their "boss".

When his name is called however he has enough energy to throw a scowl at Adam's way, eyes narrowing. It's all so much so fast, a mix of horror and rage and disgust ripple across his features as he struggles to stand to his feet. "You think this is some kind of joke?" he manages to get, teeth clenched. He gives a particularly withering look to Nikita's "cute", not even his traveling companion safe from the mounting storm cloud of fury taking hold. "No way. Get bent."