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    Quote Originally Posted by jjordan View Post
    Do you mean guidance for how to scale encounters and reward them?
    Not exactly. I mean specific awards for specific challenges aren't even an option.
    Basically a CR/XP/Treasure/Magic items system like in 3.5 or a XP/Treasure one like in adnd.
    If you really look DF does have some systems like these. In DF 8 it does give a short of Treasure value per adventure but with no guidance on how to scale it at higher point totals.
    A pyramid article in pyramid 3#77 has a way to give CR to monsters and players, though it results in pretty linear xp awards to the players AND its only calculated for about half the published monsters.
    The writer has a blog spot that gives treasure for CR, but its weird because the treasure changes depending on the players party "level". I guess if you don't mind that its fine.
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