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To paraphrase Saintheart:

It seems like saying that with "let me ram this ship that is so frail that we can literally kick through the hull, surely neither I nor the other pilot will die doing it, while we're a quarter mile or more from safety and in front of a line of heavily armed walking fortresses who are explicitly trying to kill every single one of us" is a giant neon flashing light of "NOT THE RIGHT ****ING BATTLE TO PICK HERE."

But I dunno, maybe that's just me.
Starwars is an action film. In an action film if two heroes have their cars ram into each other they're both gonna be fine, at most one of them is gonna get knocked out. It's pretty much excepted film language. For the same reason that a hero clonking someone on the head to knock them out is the "Safe and humane hero action", that will just give someone a quick 5 minute nap. And not something that could end up giving someone permanent brain damage.