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Personally, I find whiskey to be a pretty good pain killer, but it comes with its own set of issues...
Tried the tequila plan for a while for emotional pain, same issues.

I'm in physical pain almost 24/7 (its minimal in the a.m. and increases the more active I am), going on about 2.5yrs. I'm pushing 40, had back pain off/on since I was 12, but tumbled down a flight of icy stairs, then had a horrendous stomach bug while recovering, just wrecked my back muscles. My neurosurgeon said "apparently you're just genetically predisposed to tearing muscle tissue," as a result I have scar tissue pulling L5, S1 and S2 in funny directions causing L5/S1 and S1/S2 to bulge. Sometimes I just turn or bend too quickly and want to collapse. Would not recommend.

Exercise helps, muscle relaxers if I'm in such pain that it's keeping me awake. I'm in a medical cannabis state, I make canna root tea out of my friends root balls from their grows, does wonders for physical pain and stress with very little psychoactive effect, use high dose CBD gummies to supplement the tea.

Just started a new antidepressant that's also supposed to be indicated for chronic pain sufferers, isn't really helping yet, depression wasn't great before this, now that I can't work full time, I have to actively keep myself occupied or it catches up quick.