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Thread: Serious Plots 8: Rawr serisaurus!

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    [Gem Mountain - North]

    "Time. And heavy labor," Rein distantly explains, only half-listening as he looks over the bodies and mutters to himself. "No drag marks. No struggle signs. Burns?" He frowns as he feels the temperature of the bodies. Far too warm for the amount of time it's been.

    "I think we're looking at demonic possession. These people were likely immolated from the inside after it forced its way into them through the mouth," Rein tells Tina, about to point out some tips on examining corpses to her when she cries out in warning. His head whips around to look down the hallway and his solid pink eyes get even wider.

    He spins on his heel and starts scrambling back towards Tina fast. "GO GO GO GO!" She might be an angel of sorts now and Rein has some tricks up his sleeve, but he's not ready to test either of those things. Demonic possession is not something you mess around with.
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