I'm going to pose what I imagine are some seriously uncomfortable questions. But ones I feel need to be asked.

Why is the WW central gone? Why did we need to replace it with this... proxy, for the lack of better word?

And more importantly... why is this section even here anymore? For all intent and purpose, it seems dead. Deader than my dating prospects, to lean on certain half-orc and uncomfortable reality.

Seriously, I remember times when we had three pages of games that were active. I remember times when you had to stand in line for a month at least to get your game played. I remember times when this section was great, amazing, awesome, different, fun...

I remember the time when this section was alive. Not just alive, teeming with life.

It's not even a zombie of what it used to be. All the great names have since moved on from it... from this forum even, maybe.

I miss them, but I wish them well. I won't mention their name. It would serve no purpose, few would even remember them and all it would do is woke memories I would prefer kept slumbering. I wish I could move on as well.

I occasionally visit here, revisiting my "glory" days. Lately, I've been more focused on the comic itself. I guess it's only proper.

But yeah... it pains me to see the level to which SG has sunk, willingly or not.

Perhaps it is time to put a mark on this period of history?