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I'm done with my write up of the Kaguya Clan. I've detailed all the known techniques Kimimaro uses in it. Now the reason I don't detail the All-Killing Ash Bones here is because its implied only Kaguya herself can do that, but then again Sasuke was able to achieve rinnegan from having a sharingan so it might be possible for a dead bone pulse user can achieve All-Killing Ash Bones as well, but given that ability is overpowered and an instant kill on anything it hits and wielded only by the closest thing to a goddess Naruto world has, one would be waiting a long time to get there.

Spoiler: The Kaguya Clan:

Possessing a bloodline inherited from Kaguya Otsusuki herself that makes them versatile monsters in taijutsu combat and known for leaving slaughters in their wake, the Kaguya Clan was so prideful in their abilities that they challenged Kirigakure itself, confident that they could win. They were wrong, and now only a fraction of them remains living in Sound Village. Their situation is similar to the Ishikawas their fallen status, antagonistic relationship with Kiri and new home, but in practice their situation is different. The Dead Bone Pulse requires no great smarts to wield to its full potential and thus there is no pressure upon its younger generation to figure out concepts requiring an extensive education or high standards of excellence, knowing they only need constant taijutsu training and time to repopulate to restore their clan to greatness. However they face their own challenges in the field of medicine, as their own kekkei genkai has given them a troubling medical history due to it making their biology so different from normal people that they require specialized doctors to properly treat them.

-They always have white hair and shave their eyebrows to paint or tattoo on red dots above their eyes instead.
-Many of their line have done heroic things yet perished from illness, or suffered multiple illnesses in their lifetime yet continued to fight
-They willingly undergo examinations and tests with Sound village R&D to help them figure and treat their bodies better, as well as insist on bringing back an Kaguya corpses to be examined so that medical knowledge to heal them can be gained rather than be destroyed. Many Kaguya clan members feel being used like this is their last service to the clan in death and won't accept cremation or burial.
-They gather lore on Kaguya Otsusuki, their fabled ancestor and store it in their own personal archives to learn their own history and origins, and some of them have interest in finding the lost art of Ninshuu.
-They've had an ancient rivalry with Hyuugas and the Uchihas for as long as they can remember that has become a tradition rather than actual enmity.
-They have a much more recent and more emotional foe in Kirigakure, and are allies with the Ishikawa, as they both feel they were wronged by the bloodline purge.

Known Members:
Clan Head: Takuma Kaguya
This current clan head is very concerned about the medical needs of his clan so they can continue to survive, and so is strict about hygiene.

Miho Kaguya:
A 12 year old member of the clan apart of the Hope Generation,

Bloodline Abilities:
Dead Bone Pulse/Shikotsumyaku:
Users of Shikotsumyaku possess three unique skills: the ability to control their osteoblasts (cells responsible for producing bones); the ability to control their osteoclasts (cells responsible for breaking down bones); the ability to regulate their bones' calcium density.So long as their body does not tire out, users can take advantage of these abilities without limit.

With Shikotsumyaku, users can grow new bones anywhere in their body. Typically these bones are functionally and visually identical to other bones in the body, such as the spine or ribs. Other times the bones will be similar to standard bones, but with specific alterations: Dance of the Camellia uses an upper arm bone that has been sharpened for use as a blade. If the user chooses, they can create entirely original bones with no clear parallels: Dance of the Clematis: Flower uses a large, drill-like bone growth. The user's bones can be made denser, increasing their cutting power and rendering them resistant to crushing or cutting. If the user chooses, hollow bones can be produced, such as for use as a flute.

Users can manipulate their bones after or even as they're being formed, causing them to break through the skin. Most often these bones only protrude from the body, enough for the user to grab and remove them or, alternatively, remain jutting out for whatever offensive or defensive purpose the user intends. If the user chooses, the bones can be forcefully ejected from the body, as in the case of Ten-Finger Drilling Bullets. After the bones have either left the body or been retracted into it, the broken skin heals rapidly. If, in the case of removed bones, the user does not already have a duplicate prepared, the relevant body part will be misshapen and unusable until a replacement is produced.

Shikotsumyaku gives its users a huge advantage in combat, as they can produce an endless number of bones to suit any conceivable circumstance. Rarely do users encounter real opposition in a fight, for which reason their path through a battlefield is often left littered with dead bodies. On those infrequent occasions when they cannot quickly finish off an opponent, their ability to strengthen their own bones renders them highly resistant to damage, their bodies being likened to a fortress.

Techniques this kekkei genkai are typically called dances, but ranged ones have different name schemes:
Dance of the Camellia
Makes a bone sword to wield

Dance of the Clematis: Flower
Makes a bone drill on your arm, slow and is meant to be combined with Vine as set up.

Dance of the Clematis: Vine
Make a spine whip to whip and immobilize opponents

Dance of the Larch
Sprouts sharp bones all over ones body like a porcupine, a melee defense

Dance of the Seedling Fern
An extremely powerful technique, it sprouts ten thousand blades of bone from the earth that spread everywhere like a forest, completely changing the battlefield, and killing indiscriminately. In addition it is possible for particularly powerful masters of this technique or users of the cursed seal to merge with the bone blades then re-emerge from any other bone blade. It is unquestionably the most powerful and dangerous known Dance and most users of Dead Bone Pulse never achieve it.

Dance of the Willow
Basically Larch but longer, more mobile and movements more-willow-like.

Ten-Finger Drilling Bullets
The only known ranged technique, it fires ten bone bullets, one from each finger.

(Over all I'd say most of these are either C-rank in power with the except of Seedling Fern which is probably an A-Rank technique, only below S because its not the All-Killing Ash Bones Kaguya herself uses)