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The dwarves have overtly stated that a new tree needs to be found and cut down to make a new table. Rich has adequately signposted that everything related to the Godsmoot is stuck for the foreseeable future
Honestly, I read the elders' comments about the table as relief that they had an excuse to stop the vote. If using a spell to repair the table would be fine, there's no way they're going to let the vampires know that. They're going to play up the option that is going to take the longest.

I personally foresee this current threat to the world's continued existence sorted by end of book, but I also don't see that as any reason for all the clerics at the godsmoot to come helping either. They don't know where they need to go, and I don't see the Order bothering to go back/use a sending to tell them. And the clan elders don't still me as all that useful in the task either.