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The Kraken, Grappling Halfling For Eeeeviiill!
Halfling Monk 1/ Scout 3/ Halfling Totemist 2

Spoiler: Another Perspective
“My lord, while I don’t mean to… criticize your decision, the crew are pretty nervous, and it’s hard to blame them.”

“And that’s why the soldiers are at full watch despite not having seen a single ship besides that merchant vessel. I recognize the risk, and don’t intend to be caught with my pants down if anything does happen, but I’ll be damned if I let that grinning madman extort tribute this far north. Even his reach must have limits, and a refuse to believe he hasn’t reached them yet.”


“… Did you hear that?”

“I did. Private Altez!” The sergeant jerked her head towards the source of the noise.

The private in question approached the railing, struggling mightily not to roll his eyes in front of his superior officer and lord. They were on a boat. Of course there were going to be occasional splashes. He looked over the edge. Nothing, of course. No movement, not even waves or wind.

“All clear!” he shouted, turning around to return to his post. Frickin’ nobles. Jumpin’ at shadows and waves. Wait… no waves?!

The sergeant, checking the other posts after receiving the all clear, missed what happened next. The young, confident lord did not, and he saw a silvery something whip around the poor private’s neck, yanking him backwards even as something shot over the rail to intercept him. It hit him hard, and then it was gone again in a flash of blue.

“Intruder! Enemy aboard!”

“Where’d it go?”

“It has to be down there somewhere!”

“No! Get away from the rails!”

A silvery chain with a blade on the end shot straight out of the water, impaling the female sergeant, and the figure, outlined in a few places with blue glow, shot out of the waves after it, wrapping around the sergeant and twisting the blade before vanishing again with a blue flash.

“Away! From! The rails!” the lord bellowed. “If it can’t see us, it can’t strike!”

“True enough,” an unknown feminine voice murmured from above him, and then the figure plummeted from the sky, tackling the luckless lord to the ground and striking him with fist and… tentacles? And yet again, the figure was gone, but almost instantly plunged down again, striking a private on the far end of the deck. This time it did not vanish, instead wrapping her – for now in the light of the lanterns it was unmistakably a “her” – two long, flexible arms and two long, flexible tentacles around the private. Holding the poor soul between her and the blades of his fellows, she spoke again.

“You really should have just paid the tithe. Is a few percent of your profits truly such an unbearable sum?”

“No one tells Waterdeep when we can or can’t sail,” the young lord choked out, staggering back to his feet.

“Of course not. Smyler places no bans upon travel or use of the sea; to do so would be absurd and unfair.” Her voice was confident, the tone of one who has heard and given this same speech countless times. “But if you want to carry goods through his kingdom, or conduct business within his realm, then you must pay a tithe as you would for any monarch of rock and soil.”

The young lord opened his mouth to retort, but with a flash of her chain she was on a different sergeant and then vanished again.

“Where is she?!”

“On the mast!”


There was a brief pause as everyone but The Kraken realized that their attention had been too single-minded. And then the merchant ship the young lord had dismissed so cavalierly earlier in the evening, which was currently rammed into the side of the ship, disgorged dozens of hired brigands onto the lord’s ship. Surrender was almost immediate, and the whole operation was completely without a death on either side. Quick. Efficient. And effective. Just like Smyler would have wanted.

“What do we do with the prisoners, Cap’n?”

“Strip their armor and weapons. Go ahead and keep those as a bonus. Keep a few of the sailors on deck as hostages. I have the feeling we’ll be needing them before the night is out. Send the rest below decks.” We’re trying to catch a self-styled hero; best to play the part of villains. “This Octopus Man seems primarily concerned with disrupting the Pirate King’s operations; we should be fine. If he does show up, I’ll run interference for you like I did against these lads.”

In fact, I think I see his ship now. He always was punctual as well as trusting; gratifying to see I can still use those traits against him. Time to make myself scarce. I’ll take his measure as he chews through these chums.

Spoiler: Another Angle

Spoiler: Ability Scores

Level Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
Pre-Racial 17 14 13 12 12 8
1st 15 14 13 12 12 8
4th 16 14 13 12 12 8

Spoiler: Build & Breakdown

The Kraken, Grappling Halfling For Evil!
LE Small Humanoid (aquatic, halfling, human)
Amphibious Strongheart Halfling Monk 1/ Scout 3/ Totemist 2
Level Class BAB/Grapple Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features Soulmelds Essentia Chakra Binds Breakdown
1st Halfling Monk RSL 1 +0/+10 +2 +2 +2 Balance 4, Bluff 1, Climb 4, Jump 4, Listen 4, Spot 4, Search 1, Tumble 4 Human Heritage (B), Improved Grapple (B), Improved Unarmed Strike (B), Jotunbrud AC Bonus (+0), Denying Stance Fighting Style (tumble), Skirmish (+1d6), Unarmed Strike (1d4) 0 0 0
We’re using the Halfling Monk RSL to get Skirmish instead of Flurry of Blows, as well as boosting our skill points. From a gameplay standpoint it would make more sense to take Scout for a few extra HP and skills, but narratively this is a lot simpler.

Plus, just at level 1, Improved Grapple as our monk bonus feat and Jotunbrud (which lets us count as Large for opposed rolls, including grapples) already make us pretty good at our primary shtick. Why grappling? Firstly, because I find the idea of grappling halflings hilarious. Secondly, with a +10 bonus we can shut down a lot of opponents, doing our full unarmed damage (+ Skirmish if we moved first) and targeting touch AC. While we can’t establish a hold against a foe two or more sizes larger than us, the unarmed strike damage occurs before that and isn’t dependent on being able to establish a hold (Jotunbrud doesn’t specifically mention increasing size for that, but hopefully a lenient DM would say it lets us grapple as if we are Large size; otherwise, we’re stuck with Medium foes).

Denying Stance fighting style also gives us small but nice bonus to Tumble essentially for free.
2nd Scout 1 +0/+10 +2 +4 +2 Balance 5, Bluff 2, Climb 5, Jump 5, Listen 5, Spot 5, Search 2, Tumble 5 Skirmish (+2d6), Trapfinding 0 0 0
The lovely thing about Scout’s Skirmish is that it explicitly stacks with Skirmish from other sources.

Try to get your hands on a pair of scorpion claws (Sandstorm). We’re not proficient in them, but we don’t actually need to be to get the typeless +4 to grapple checks per claw you’re wearing. This actually makes a fair amount of sense; putting the claw on someone and holding on seems way less complicated than actually using these things as effective weapons. We don’t need a hand free for a real weapon because we’ve got Improved Unarmed Strike, so there’s no reason yet not to use both of them (they always come in pairs).

We’re also proficient in light armor now. Studded leather armor gives us better AC than our lost unarmored monk bonuses (don’t do this while swimming unless you’ve got magic armor; water does not play nicely with steel or leather, especially over long periods of time. Cord armor (Stormwrack) is a decent alternative, but only offers +2 AC).
3rd Scout 2 +1/+11 +2 +5 +2 Balance 6, Bluff 3, Climb 5, Jump 5, Listen 6, Spot 6, Search 5, Tumble 6 Scorpion’s Grasp Battle Fortitude +1, Uncanny Dodge 0 0 0
Battle Fortitude and Uncanny Dodge are lovely, making up for some weak points in the build (relatively low Fortitude and Dex). Did you know that while Uncanny Dodge normally just lets you keep your Dex bonus to AC while flatfooted, Scout’s Uncanny Dodge makes you entirely immune to the flatfooted condition? YMMV on whether your DM treats this as a typo or not, but if not we just became immune to one of the main sources of Sneak Attack (and the less common Iaijutsu Focus) and also gained the ability to make opportunity attacks even when surprised or before having acted yet.

That’s pretty sweet, but Scorpion’s Grasp may be even better. There are two ways of reading the line “you can use [the light weapon] in each round to make an attack against the creature you are grappling without taking the normal -4 penalty”. The first is that it only obviates that -4 penalty 1/round. The second is that it grants you an extra attack with the weapon 1/round. This build assumes the second interpretation, as it is directly comparable to a similar three feat chain, Combat Expertise>Improved Trip>Knock-Down (yes Knock-Down was errata’d, but they then re-released the unerrata’d version in a later sourcebook, so the most recent iteration of the feat does grant an extra attack). This feat is pretty similar to the Improved Grab special attack, but it has one key difference: Improved Grab drags the enemy into your square, but grappling normally (even via Scorpion’s Grasp) moves you into their square. This doesn’t actual do all too much yet, though we can 5ft step towards an opponent, punch/kick/headbutt them, grapple them (moving into their square), and then get that extra attack with Skirmish damage, all without provoking an opportunity attack (no Skirmish damage on the grapple damage, sadly; as mentioned above, that happens before you establish a hold and move into their square). Situational, but kind of cool.
4th Scout 3 +2/+13 +3 +5 +3 Balance 7, Bluff 3.5, Climb 5, Jump 6, Listen 7, Spot 7, Search 7, Tumble 7 Dungeon Specialist, Go To Ground, Skirmish (+2d6, +1 AC) 0 0 0
4th level is when The Kraken and Octopus Man start to diverge (mechanically, that is; they literally went their separate ways while still level 1). While Octopus Man went for Fast Movement (aquatic) so he could get Improved Skirmish while swimming, we trade that in for a climb speed (I think you still need one hand free though, so we have to lose one of the Scorpion Claws if we’re planning to climb), and trade Trackless Step for the ability to be immune to Urban Tracking via Gather Information. The reason for both of these will become apparent in a couple of levels (though climb speed hardly needs a justification; it’s very useful on any build without flight).
5th Halfling Totemist RSL 1 +2/+13 +5 +7 +3 Balance 7, Bluff 4, Climb 5, Jump 6, Listen 8, Spot 8, Search 7, Tumble 8 Low-Light Vision, Meldshaping, Wild Empathy 2 1 0
Now that we’ve gotten our Skirmish up to the level of a Scout 5-6, it’s time for a change. Octopus Man stayed in Scout to maximize Skirmish damage, but we’re going to focus on mobility, grappling, and perception. The first level of Totemist is coming in strong right out of the gate, with Blink Shirt giving us at will short range teleportation (10ft, +10ft/essentia) and Girallon Arms giving us some solid grapple bonuses (+2 typeless, +2/essentia). Those are the soulmelds we’ll be shaping most of the time, but of course any others we happen to need are just 8 hours of rest away. Also, the Halfling Totemist RSL gives us Low Light Vision for the low cost of 1 HP on average. This also greatly increases how far we can see underwater.

Blink Shirt is the reason we don’t need Fast Movement or Trackless Step. While it’s not very fast yet, just next level it will be on par with Fast Movement applied to land speed and superior to Fast Movement applied to swim speed. Utility-wise at will teleportation can accomplish all the usual tricks of rendering walls irrelevant and avoiding AoOs, but logically it would also make us very hard to track. Even with Scent, what dog could track someone teleporting from treetop to treetop (climb speed, heyo!)? This won’t work as well underwater, but if you’re regularly being pursued by trackers utilizing trained sharks, it’s probably time to rethink your life choices.

Girallon Arms is our go-to essentia destination in combat, as +4 to grapple is quite significant. I haven’t included this BAB/Grapple column, as it’s not guaranteed we’ll have it shaped every day.

Side Note: if enough party members play Subnautica, I’d name this character Warper instead of The Kraken. This was actually my original name for her, but I didn’t think enough people would get it. (For those who don’t know, Warpers are teleporting psychic hunter-killer octopodes in the game, and they are… terrifying.
6th Totemist 2 +3/+14 +6 +8 +3 Balance 7, Bluff 4.5, Climb 5, Jump 6, Listen 9, Spot 9, Search 8, Tumble 8 Improved Skirmish Totem Chakra Bind (+1 capacity) 3 2 1
For now, Girallon Arms is our go-to totem chakra bind. Remember that 5ft step punch grapple Skirmish combo I mentioned back in level 3? It also lets you full attack, with all four claws, once you’ve moved into their space. That’s 2d6 damage five times (four if the DM rules against the extra attack interpretation of Scorpion’s Grasp); -4 to hit, but still.

Improved Skirmish is for the times when that’s not an option, greatly increasing our damage.

Alternatively, we can bind Blink Shirt to the totem chakra, letting us teleport as a move action and/or a standard action, and act afterwards (if we have actions left). This lets you do the 5ft step combo and then teleport away to safety that same turn, but this won’t become optimal (usually) for a few more levels. More useful is that this makes you much faster underwater.

The third soulmeld is flexible for now. Pick anything that works for the current situation or group. The Threefold Mask of the Chimera makes us completely immune to Sneak Attack, if that’s something the DM likes to throw at the players.
E1 +3/+16 Aberration Blood (flexible limbs)
Ah, our weird heritage is starting to show itself a bit more fully. +2 to grapple checks is nice, but what it qualifies you for is nicer.
E2 Inhuman Reach
Lovely, lovely reach. 5ft step combo now works on opponents up to 15ft away.
E3 Exotic Weapon Proficiency (kusari-gama)
And here… we… go. 20ft of reach with a light weapon. Proc Improved Skirmish with the 5ft step combo, dishing out absurd damage if we’ve got Girallon Arms bound or teleporting away to safety if we’ve got Blink Shirt bound (did you know that the surface of the water blocks line of effect, so you’re almost completely safe from reprisal from, say, enemies aboard a ship, until you poke your head out with a 5ft step to start the combo all over again?). Cling to walls and ceilings like Spider-Man, and shoot towards your prey like you’re playing Arkham City. Teleport 30ft into the air and then lasso a flying creature that’s another 20ft above you (if you’ve got Blink Shirt bound). Become awesomeness personified.

We can also use the kusari-gama to make trip and disarm attempts with some nice bonuses (from Jotunbrud and the kusari-gama itself respectively). We don’t have the necessary feats, so we provoke an AoO… that the opponent almost certainly can’t take because we’re out of their reach (AoOs are explicitly melee, barring some class ability or feat I am unaware of).
E4 Extended Reach
Everything I just talked about with Exotic Weapon Proficiency now works at 30ft range (35 if you count the 5ft step).
E5 +3/+18 Deepspawn
More creepy sea monster heritage! Tentacles, and another +2 to grapple (racial bonuses stack). Our full attack just became a lot deadlier; especially welcome when Blink Shirt is bound. A tentacle probably counts as a free hand for climbing (if other limbs didn’t count, how would any nonbipedal creature with a climb speed ever function?), so we can go back to using a scorpion claw in our off hand for another +4 to grapple.
E6 Open Least Chakra (hands) 1 (+1)
And bind Sphinx Claws! Pounce with natural attacks! You can’t use it with the kusari-gama, but unarmed strikes count. This is a highly useful alternative to the 5ft step combo (which doesn’t actually need the 5ft step anymore, but I like the name). We also get a +1 competence bonus to swim and climb checks, and of course should we require a more situation soulmeld than Sphinx Claws, it’s just 8 hours away.
E7 Midnight Dodge 4
A feat tax, but one that gives us +1 essentia. Needless to say, this will not be allocated to the feat itself, but to whichever soulmeld is bound to the totem chakra (which has 3 essentia capacity rather than the standard 2). If Girallon Arms, our 4 claws are now hitting as +3 magic weapons, and we’ve got +8 to grapple and climb checks. If Blink Shirt, we’ve got a teleportation that caps at 40ft and can be used as a standard and/or move action.
E8 Mobility
Another feat tax. At least we’re harder to hit while Pouncing.
E9 Roofwalker
This is actually pretty useful. Move at full speed while balancing, double the effectiveness of using jump to reduce fall damage (if you jump deliberately), and +1 dodge bonus to AC against any opponent at a different elevation than you. With a climb speed, a swim speed, and at-will teleportation, that is not a hard circumstance to arrange.
E10 Roof-Jumper
Now we’re cooking with gas! Or the pseudo medieval equivalent (alchemist’s fire?). Dropping onto an enemy lets us attack them, an attack that does extra damage, and counts as a charge.. and is therefore a full attack, because we’ve got Sphinx Claws bound to our hands chakra, granting us Pounce.

We can use this normally by using the 5ft step combo and Blink Shirting away onto a wall/ceiling, from whence we can leap upon our prey and make them regret the day they crossed a super villain (and then Blink Shirting away again; rinse and repeat as desired).

But the deadliest use of this feat requires the DM to agree that Blink Shirting into the air counts as deliberately jumping down. Now we bind Blink Shirt all the time. We use a move action to teleport 20ft above a foe, dropping down onto them for 3 attacks (unarmed strike and two tentacles) at +4d6 damage from (Improved) Skirmish and 1d6 from Roof-Jumper; if one of those hits, initiate a grapple for unarmed strike damage (arguably +5d6 again; grapple checks are after all keyed off BAB, which I think makes them count as an attack), smack them with the grappling weapon +4d6 damage again… and then use our standard action to do all of that a second time. Or teleport to safety, but that’s missing out on a lot of damage. This actually does theoretically more damage with Girallon Arms bound, with four +2 claw attacks making up for the three attacks you’re losing from the move action falling Pounce… but those 4 claws are secondary natural weapons and thus a lot less likely to hit, and you lose the flexibility of being able to teleport as a move action and attack normally (e.g. with the kusari-gama). YMMV.

Spoiler: Race
I left Octopus Man’s and The Kraken’s origin stories deliberately ambiguous. That’s because there are multiple ways they could go.

The first is that they were children found washed up on the shore and adopted by a family of shoal halflings. This makes them humans, most likely children of the slaves of Aboleths or some other underwater civilization, and that’s the explanation for their weird heritage biology. So they’re genetically human(ish) (with Powerful Build but slow speed due to their weird biology), but culturally halfling, which is how they qualify for Halfling Monk (and giving them effectively Slight Build as well). Honestly, this is my preferred explanation, because it’s narratively elegant, and allows for some easy story hooks for quests. However, there is little if any support for ‘culturally a different race’ as a mechanic in D&D. I recall something about a dwarf raised among humans, but couldn’t find it again, and there was Half-Human Elves for Half Elves raised by elves, but that was explicitly a variant rule. So the ‘canonical’ explanation is the second one.

Octopus Man and The Kraken just have a couple of weird ancestors, including at least one human. I’ve seen it theorized several times that Halflings are descended from humans; one of those times was in the BoEF. This would make all Halflings qualify for Human Heritage as a Human-descended race. If the DM doesn’t buy it, you can upgrade “human ancestor” to “human parent”. There is no “Half-Halfling” race, so the children would be one or the other, in this case Halfling. Obviously these options are less than satisfying from a narrative perspective (with the exception of the touching love story between a Human and Halfling), but they hold up mechanically to qualify the two for Human Heritage, which itself qualifies them for Jotunbrud.

From a gamist perspective, this is an attempt to create two similar yet distinct octopus-flavored grappling halflings. I think using Human Heritage>Jotunbrud and the Amphibious template (since Shoal Halfling had to be replaced with Strongheart to take Human Heritage, Amphibious replaces those features mechanically) is a solid way of representing a Shoal Halfling that’s unusually good at grappling. The distinctions are of course covered in the Build & Breakdown section.

Spoiler: Another Opinion
Octopus Man visibly composed himself. “So, –”

“Let me stop you there. You lost the right to call me by my old name when you killed our master and very nearly me alongside him. You can call me ‘Sister’ or ‘The Kraken’. I don’t care which.”

“Is that why you’re so mad at me? Our master was a madman bent on the death of hundreds; he had to be stopped!”

“Irrelevant. We swore to obey him, and he didn’t betray that trust. We were duty-bound to aid him however he saw fit. I did, and you fractured my neck for it. Do you know how long it took for me to recover? How close I was to never moving again? Oh right, you thought you’d actually done even more damage.”

“And now you’ve traded one mad master for another.”

That was it. Her rage and hatred bubbled over, past the point where she could contain it, and she leapt into an attack with a howl.

Punch, two slashes with tentacles. Can’t get a hold; warp back to the mast; balance on the narrow surface of the yard-arm. “Smyler is not mad!”

“He waffles between hero and villain, lawful and anarchic, honorable and despicable based on… based on who knows what! What would you call that if not mad?!”

Why isn’t he switching to a ranged weapon? He can’t reach me; he just looks like he’s getting ready for me to teleport back down… his friends! She ducked aside just in time as a bolt of energy shot through the space her head used to be. An archer was about to fire, too, and after a quick estimation of distances she seized the opportunity to attack, striking with her kusari-gama and tangling it around the archer’s bow and arms before synching it tight to bruise and slice.

“Tsk tsk. Still getting others hurt for your precious ideals, big brother?” He almost had me with that trick. I need to be more careful. And clearly I need to up my psychological game. “Oh wait. It never was about the ideals, was it. You only ever cared about looking like the hero. We both know all that bombastic tripe is just showmanship, and when push comes to shove it’s always what you want that comes first. I’ve got the scars to prove it.”

Damn you!” he cried, and dropped his ready posture, preparing to charge.

Gotcha. Flick the kusari-gama, pull myself close, and follow through for another blow. More power to the Blink Shirt, warp above the… mage? And pummel him into the deck.

Octopus Man ran towards her and did land a blow, pulling her into a bear hug and then tightening his tentacle even more. But she was landing so many more blows total. With two allies in the way, the archer apparently couldn’t get a good enough shot.

Suddenly she was blindsided by pain. A swordsman. They had a swordsman too and I didn’t notice. Okay, nothing vital’s hit. I’m still good for a while yet. As long as I can avoid getting hit by my brother again, a few more blows should finish him off. But no, that’s too fast. He needs a little more suffering. I need for him to suffer a little more. She warped to the far side of the mast.

“You know what’s funny? Smyler’s exactly the same as you. His priority is showmanship, building his reputation in any and every way. That’s what makes him seem so mercurial, but there’s always a method to his madness, a reason to his rhyme. The difference between you is he knows what it means to be loyal to those that trust you. So you know what’s really, truly hilarious about this situation? When I measure the two of you against each other… it’s you that comes up wanting. For all you hate him, for all you disdain what he represents, between the two of you he’s the better man as far as I’m concerned.”

The swordsman edged closer to her, clearly unwilling to risk granting her an opportunity to hit him with the kusari-gama. The mage was already out for the count. The archer showed no such worry, moving for a clear shot, but she couldn’t take advantage of that without putting herself in range of her brother, and the archer was getting closer to him with each step. Besides, she’d only have one opening, and she needed to make it count… Wait. Why is she moving towards him? She had to go the other way to get a clear shot–

“You still don’t understand teamwork,” her brother was saying, and she allowed herself a moment to savor the bitterness and pain in his voice. Gone was his stupid bluster and bombast… but what was he on about? “Look where you’re standing.”

She looked. Him, the archer a short distance away from him, the swordsman a short distance away from her and then…. No. No! Her brother shot forward, grappling from the archer… to the swordsman… to her, and she was hit, her body exploding with pain as tentacle after tentacle connected.

No! It’s not fair! I was so close…. And with her last conscious thought, she teleported beneath the waves.

Spoiler: Another Strategy

“While I appreciate you taking the time to inflict my will upon that recalcitrant Waterdeep noble, I have some serious reservations about your treatment of the troops and crew under your command. You used them as bait and then abandoned them to their fate when the mission soured. Where did you even find those guys anyways? I’m not missing any crews, which is the reason I’m still smiling, if you catch my drift.”

The only time she had seen him stop smiling was way back when he declared war on the Sahuagin Empire. He’d only had three ships at the time. She would be surprised if there were still 300 hundred Sahuagin alive within a thousand miles of the continent, and a hundred of those were only spared because they swore personal loyalty to both him and his consort.

She would have shuddered if she wasn’t so exhausted she could barely move. It was nothing short of a miracle she had even partially managed to evade the sharks that had been drawn by the impact of the ships. Had the cold of the water not shocked her back to wakefulness… had her brother not dove in after her to finish the job, distracting some of the sharks… her body actually tried to shudder as she remembered, and pain wracked her anew.

“Mercenaries. Brigands. Pirates. Killers and thugs. Basically… anyone I could find who could be swayed by the offer… of working against you.”

“Pff. Pffff-haha ha ha! Now that’s funny!” He wiped a tear out of his eye; it exploded into static electricity on contact with the air. “Healer! Come in, please, my agent is in need of succor.” He turned back to her, still wearing a particularly ear-to-ear grin. “So you humiliated your target, eliminated as many of my rivals as you could get your hands on, and inflicted my displeasure upon nobles attempting to defy my law, all in one fell swoop? You are rapidly becoming my favorite field operative!”

“My brother… got away.” The healer put his hands on her, and the recession of the pain in her body was ecstasy.

“Don’t worry, having a worthy enemy is good for your character. And you will have another chance at him. Why don’t you tell me about your next plan when you feel up to it, and I’ll make sure you have whatever you need.”

Spoiler: Sources

Cityscape – Roof-Jumper, Roofwalker.
Complete Adventurer – Scout.
Complete Scoundrel – Improved Skirmish.
Dungeon Master’s Guide – Kusari-gama.
Lords of Madness – Aberration Blood, Deepspawn, Inhuman Reach.
Magic of Incarnum – Halfling Totemist, Totemist. Midnight Dodge, Open Least Chakra. Blink Shirt, Girallon Arms, Sphinx Claws, Threefold Mask of the Chimera.
Races of Destiny – Human Heritage.
Races of Faerun – Strongheart Halfling. Jotunbrud.
Races of the Wild – Halfling Monk.
Sandstorm – Scorpion’s Grasp. Scorpion claws.
Savage Species – Extended Reach.
SRD – Halfling. Denying Stance Fighting Style, Monk. Improved Grapple, Improved Unarmed Strike, Mobility, Wild Talent. Studded leather armor.
Stormwrack – Amphibious Creature. Aquatic Scout. Cord armor.
Web –