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He did not choose that name himself
Whisper gnome scout 6
Spoiler: Background and the process to the creation

So the Chairman asked a build using some variants of the scout so which variants there are ... Oh there are two variants of skirmish, let's read them and see if one is good . Sniping.. a full ranged attack from a long range , no it doesn't inspire me so let's see read the other one . Oh one which do more damage if the enemy try to hit you not bad let'see if there is a way to work around that. So now i will need an high AC , so feat like dodge are welcomed, and a small race is a good one, maybe one that permit me a free multiclass.. Hmm there is the gnome from dragonlance with a favored class first not bad, is a small sized and have a bonus to dexterity... Wait there wasn't a feat related to gnome that helped them with a dodge bonus.. Oh yes there is titan fighting! It substitute the dodge bonus with the bonus against giant against creature of a bigger size, whoa this is good.
But the gnome of dragonlance doesn't have a bonus vs giants.. Another type of gnome... Yes the whisper gnome, it have a very good stats for a scout ! But now how can i make the enemy attack myself? Hmm the knight mettle was a good way but it's too much for this contest, what there was else??? Let's see a handbook on knight , oh yes there was goad , not bad even with role-playing but it need a good charisma so no goad. Let's see think about an other way to made the enemy attack me....
*After about an hour and many book opened, when you have a very strange idea* Wait.. an enemy could attack me even with an AoO , so how can i provoke them ? I could move in their space without tumbling yes! And i could apply mobility to increase my AC for that! I already have dodge right ? Wait ... many feats count as dodge so i could apply titan fighting to all of these... I count dodge, expeditious dodge, midnight dodge , and that dodge related to the wind desert stance, but there is no stance useful (only one which give me fire resistance) and i should learn a maneuver first so no excluded. SO the other three, midnight dodge is easy, i need a shapemeld , maybe the wormtail belt i have seen that give a good AC.
I could even use combat expertise but my attack roll is low, well i will use weapon finesse surely, but which other thing i could use...? There is deadly defense which is good for damage but not for attack roll .
I need to make other attack but how? Wait there was a feat which give me an AoO when the enemy attacked me, karmic strike if i remember well , so i could use that!...Wait no that one only if they hit me , so is not good
So ... two weapon fighting maybe, i can combine that with other feat to gain a better AC but i still have the problem with the attack roll (more now that i have a -2) so no two weapon fighting without any way to boost my attack roll
What is that , chosen foe? It give me a bonus to attack roll and AC against one enemy but a malusagainst the other one, good i will focus mainly on one enemy and with that we can use two weapon fighting better...but doing two weapon require a complete attack so no....
Well let's work again on AoO now with a weapon with range i could do that so i will need exotic weapon proficiency(to gain a 0 10 feet reach weapon ) and combat reflexes, and deft opportunist so i will have a higher attack roll... but to do a good use of AoO the way should be to trip the enemy so no it's not a way by our size ...
*continue to think about that* Wait ! Even using a ranged weapon provoke AoO so i could use a ranged weapon in the range of the weapon of the enemy and take rapid shot... so no weapon finesse no mobility no expeditious dodge (sadly) no deadly defense and we take point blank shot , precise shot and rapid shot
2 dodge ,chosen foe, combat expertise, shape soulmeld, titan figthing, point blank shot, precise shot and rapid shot so 9 on 14.. So five feat...
Now the sixth level of scout is a passive ability that i never used so...Maybe i can multiclass at that level , But in what? Let's see whisper gnome preferred race, now where is my Races of Stone???
*after a half our searching the book and the information* Oh well it have rogue so how can i use a level of rogue in a good way a sneak attack dice is not useful in this build...*think for a minute* Wait there is the variant of the rogue who take feat as a fighter that one is good ! So now i can take a feat before, but i have another feat to choose in this way ...let's think maybe there is another dodge that i don't know? Internet research!
Mme there is a feat called deceptive dodge, what is that? Let's see .. From Dragon compendium good , it require combat expertise, dodge, int 13 and dex 13 , and bab 4 ... did i have all of these? No .. so this is not good ... Hmm wait expeditious dodge require 40 feet of movement, but it doesn't say from where, and if I'm blocked by terrain i cannot apply that so ... i can use the sixth level of the scout yeah ...wait now i don't take expeditious dodge... no problem i can still use that to explore in a better way (and maybe in some combat situation but i will think about that) and with 6 level of scout i have a bab of 4 so deceptive dodge
so 4 feat remaining... Hmm if they don't fight me i need to do damage , and dead eye is good, and weapon focus boost my attack roll so that
2 feat now what i can do.... Oh right whisper gnome so high hide and move silently so darkstalker! And because i use essentia i can take bonus essentia to boost wormtail belt (or midnight dodge if they don't take my readings on titan fighting)
So i need to make the stats, a fluff, and the table, source and tactics
*While rereading all* Wait deceptive dodge say will fighting defensively... so i can't utilize that, so what i can do now about that feat???....
*Search in internet*Hey one feat that i don't know about defensive archery... it give us a +4 against AoO that we provoke when we fire with a ranged weapon ...AWESOME! I will take this feat surely!
*after doing stats , table, tactics, and source* So what i can use as fluff... *He saw the notes that he wrote * Maybe this? Added with some line?
And so this is how the gnome Hit me see the creation , with his name made by an April fool made by the registry office (in game his birthday is the first of April), with a prophecy that one day one hit will kill him, and so he concentrate himself to dodge the strike of his enemies!
Because this build was made with haste i had not one idea for one background... so i have done this

Spoiler: Stats

Point buy Final stats
Strength 8(0 points) Strength 6(-2 racial)
Dexterity 17(13 points) Dexterity 19(+2 racial)
Constitution 14(6 points) Constitution 16(+2 racial)
Intelligence 13(5 points) Intelligence 13(+0 racial)
Wisdom 12(4 points) Wisdom 12(+0 racial)
Charisma 12 (4 points) Charisma 10(-2 racial)
The 4th level point go to dexterity

Spoiler: Build
Level Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
1st Scout 1 +0 +0 +2 +0 Skill point 36((8+int )*4)
Tumble 4,Search 4 ,Disable Device 4,Escape artist 4,Spot 4 ,Move silently 4,Hide 4,Listen 4 ,Survival 4
Dodge Riposte (+1d6), trapfinding
2nd Scout 2 +1 +0 +2 +0 Skill point 9(8+int )
Tumble 5,Search 5 ,Disable Device 5,Escape artist 5,Spot 5 ,Move silently 5,Hide 5,Listen 5 ,Survival 5
Battle fortitude +1, uncanny dodge
3rd Scout 3 +2 +1 +3 +1 Skill point 9(8+int )
Tumble 6,Search 6 ,Disable Device 6,Escape artist 6,Spot 6 ,Move silently 6,Hide 6,Listen 6 ,Survival 6
Point Blank Shot Riposte(+1d6 +1), fast movement +10ft, trackless step
4th Scout 4 +3 +1 +4 +1 Skill point 9(8+int )
Tumble 7,Search 7 ,Disable Device 7,Escape artist 7,Spot 7 ,Move silently 7,Hide 7,Listen 7 ,Survival 7
Precise Shot Bonus Feat
5th Scout 5 +3 +1 +4 +1 Skill point 9(8+int )
Tumble 8,Search 8,Disable Device 8,Escape artist 8,Spot 8 ,Move silently 8,Hide 8,Listen 8 ,Survival 8
Riposte (2d6 +1), evasion
6th Scout 6 +4 +2 +5 +2 Skill point 9(8+int )
Tumble 8,Search 9 ,Disable Device 9,Escape artist 9,Spot 9 ,Move silently 9,Hide 8,Listen 9 ,Survival 9, Skill trick learned Nimble stand
Titan fighting Flawless stride
Spoiler: Epic feats

1° Rapid Shot
2° shape soulmeld (wormtail belt)
3° midnight dodge
4° bonus essentia
5° chosen foe
6° darkstalker
7° combat expertise
8° defensive Archery
9° weapon focus (shortbow)
10° dead eye

Spoiler: Tactics

Spoiler: Level 1
So now what we have at this level? One very strange ability , and the ability to discover trap, other than the spell from our race (this is why we put a 10 of total on charisma) , in combat we can't do so much (or in a better way we can but is risky now) because it is more convenient to use one ranged weapon in melee because it would provoke AoO before our action is completed so we can use riposte in this way, or moving away without tumbling then attacking (so it's only one AoO in the case the enemy have combat reflexes). But it is risky because for now our AC is low , but it's the main method for riposte now (standard action attack with a ranged weapon in melee, move action go away from here tumbling) so now this can be a risky game and so much of our wealth will be in protection for now (i don't know which number to give to our AC). Out of combat what can we do ? Well the main thing is scouting the way ahead of us because we have a good listen and spot (thanks to the racial bonus), a very good bonus on move silently and we can search trap and try to disable them (doing that within the silence spell of our race for example) We can guide our group in the wild, like a good scout would do , spotting the beast hidden in the wild. We have escape artist because we need to avoid grapple it is a bad beast for small character, and probably one of the way to block our big bonus in the future The bonus of our race is good because it give a bonus to two of the main stat and remove 2 from secondary stat (even if that will prevent goad in future) If we want to use melee weapon it is a more difficult thing because our low strength bonus. Our feat can help us to avoid the attacks of a single enemy

Spoiler: Level 2
So now what is the big thing of this level? Probably uncanny dodge because preventing to lose dexterity in these situation is a good way to prevent to lose many dodge bonus which we can't have if we lose our dexterity. In the skill there is not so much to tell basically we will do the same thing we do at the first level with these, and if we want to tank in an early way we can fighting defensively with this we gain a +3 on AC for a -4 on attack roll (very bad but if the allies boost our attack rolls is good) Battle fortitude is a good thing to have to boost our second lowest save , and to boost our initiative to a neat +5 at this level , without improved initiative so very good (it is not so safe that we will start for first but if that happen we will make our turn after the turn of the enemy (or better after the first turn of the enemy creature who have an initiative higher than the rest)so we can provoke AoO to use riposte

Spoiler: Level 3
Finally one feat about our ranged attack! So now we can fight in a better way, our ranged weapon will be used more now s and is starting to take a better form our riposte, the enemy attacking us when we attack with a ranged weapon and we do more damage (AoO resolve before our attack so more damage for us) But what if the enemy understand that is worst if they attack us? Well we will say that the strength after we hit was only luck , and that we don't know how tumble in a good way , and we have a bad aim, so we stay near them (or we can say that we are mad or we don't know the rules), so they will probably will make us blocked in a place, so attacking us , and only for "luck" our strike will do the same damage than before The competence bonus for our AC from riposte can be useful, while trackless step is used out of combat to explore the wilderness and don't be followed when we return to our companion, with fast movement making that in a less time (and making our jump even if not trained better)

Spoiler: Level 4
Oh so now we have precise the feat we need to avoid these penalties while we are attacking an enemy in melee with one of our allies which is very good , and we have to thanks the bonus feat from the scout which have made possible this . Out of combat it doesn't change so much we still being some explorer even thanks to the dexterity which is arrived at 20 (without items) at this level so it is good and we can hope that our AC is starting to be at least good during AoO, with the enemy i hope not doing damage to us but attacking

Spoiler: Level 5
So now Riposte is still better with more damage and this is good , we have evasion and this could be another thing which is good, because reflex is our higher save, but now what this level offer? Not so much but our skill are starting to be strong hide and move silently are starting to be around at 20 at this level , while spot and listen around 12 and we can surely use these numbers. At least at this level we gain another dice of riposte but we still have for now a single attack and we will have to wait for a while because without rapid shot we will not do any more attack (or well it can happen but with so big penalties with two weapon fighting)

Spoiler: Level 6
Oh this is so good titan fighting the feat which can do so much for us if we fight bigger creature because our AC will have another boost by 3 against that enemy which is good ,the best of this feat if is applicable to the variants of dodge, because at the end it doesn't give a bonus only replace the number on the dodge bonus and dodge bonus are cumulative . Flawless stride is good to be able to explore area on which the other would take damage. I have taken Quick Stand because falling can be so common , if we think at the chained spike.

Spoiler: 1st epic feat
So first feat to take rapid shot because this is how we will start to make more than 10 damage for turn , now about 20 with two arrows, not so much but good, this is basically one of the few feat which able us to use riposte with full attack if the enemy will attack all time other members (but if we give them an AoO is possible that they will try to strike us)

Spoiler: 2nd , 3rd and 4th epic feats
These two feat improved our defense in two different ways, the first give us a +2 on our natural armor , so it is neat, the second is another feat that can substitute dodge, if one would be so bad could say that the + 0 of midnight dodge (without any essentia point) could be substituted by titan fighting , i will say that is should be at least a bonus so i will invest my essentia point in midnight dodge but is another little bonus to our AC which is starting to take a very good form . But not only this one but with bonus essentia we can boost our armor in a even better way , giving 2 essentia points to wormtail belt to arrive at 4 of natural armor and 1 point to midnight dodge to use titan fighting, so the essentia is a good thing, with a total bonus of 8 to our AC (considering midnight dodge as dodge to use titan fighting)

Spoiler: 5th epic feat
We take this feat because he does a similar function to doge (but titan fighting is not applicable sadly) and give us a bonus to the attack roll so is good , the attack roll can be low in the near future so we need something to boost that and is similar to our focus on a single enemy

Spoiler: 6th epic feat
Well we are whisper gnome, and our hide and move silently check is high, so why not taking darkstalker to be able to explore in a better way without the enemy discovering us (or if they will discover probably non magical enemy will not strike us for our AC) , so this is the last bonus on the things that we can do out of combat

Spoiler: 7th and 8th epic feat
Combat mastery, one of the things that reduce our attack roll , but it give us a good bonus reduce attack roll to boost our AC maybe a little risky (what if we don't strike ) and we can't apply that during the first turn of combat against the AoO we will provoke if we move around the enemy. We will use at +2 to remove the penalties on our AC from chosen foe (basically having a +3 on AC for one enemy and a -1 on attack rolls against that enemy and a -2 against other enemies).Defensive shot is perfect for us ... mobility made for ranged attack something that i have never seen so well this is the last defensive feat for us and our AC is high now
Spoiler: 9th and 10th epic feat
Now we can defend ourselves in a good way but what about offense, our damage is not high so we take two feat to improve that , weapon focus (shortbow) to boost our attack roll, and dead eye to boost our damage (is precision damage so the same type of our riposte)

Spoiler: Number on this build
Ranged weapon attack = 4 bab+5 dexterity+1 size=10
Ranged weapon attack with point blank shot=10+1=11
Ranged weapon attack with point blank shot and a shortbow=11+1=12
Ranged weapon attack with point blank shot and a shortbow and chosen foe=12+1=13
Ranged weapon attack with rapid shot and all above=13-2=11
Ranged weapon attack all above with combat expertise(-2)=9
1° Base AC (considering a mithral chain shirt)=10+1 (size)+4 armor+5 (dexterity)+4 natural(wormtail belt) =24
2°AC considering combat expertise =26
3° AC number 2 considering chosen foe against that foe=26+1=27
4° AC number 2 considering chosen foe not against that foe=26-2=24
5° AC number 3° and all dodge against a medium size or bigger enemy =27+8=35
6° AC number 3° foe and all dodge against a same size or smaller enemy=27+2=29
The dodge are considered as if titan fighting apply to all of them but if not they are reduced (the one with the all dodge) by 3(at one titan fighting apply)
7° AC number 5° during AoO provoked by ranged weapon fighting=35+4=39 (this is our maximum AC not considering combat expertise -4 and fighting defensively)
8° AC number 6° during AoO provoked by ranged weapon fighting=29+4=33
9° AC number 4° during AoO provoked by ranged weapon fighting=24+4=28 (this is the general AC for the enemy that will near us when we fight )
Fortitude 2 base+1 battle fortitude+3 constitution=6
Reflex 5 base+5 dexterity=10
Will 2 base+2 wisdom=4
Damage from a full attack with riposte
2d4(shortbow)+10 (dead eye)+4d6(riposte)+2(point blank shot)=5+10+14+2=31

Spoiler: Source

From Cityscape web enhancement: Riposte
From Lord of Madness: Darkstalker
From Races of the Wild: Defensive Archery
From Magic of Incarnum: Shape soulmeld , wormtail belt, bonus essentia, midnight dodge
From Complete Adventurer: Scout
From Races of Stone: Titan Fighting, Whisper Gnome
From Drow of the Underdark: Chosen foe
From Player Handbook: Point blank shot, dodge, precise shot, rapid shot, combat expertise, weapon focus
From Dragon Compendium: Dead Eye