I kind of like "the Thingold." Makes you wonder if it's slender yellow metal or an object no longer young…

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The Exiled

The kobold who was allergic to the classical kobold cheese

Desert Kobold Scout 5 / Hunter Barbarian 1 NE
Spoiler: Background
I was born in a village of Desert kobold nothing so strange for now , except that they were all dragonwrough kobold and i was not ? Why i wasn't a dragonwrought kobold? They said that my family once gone with something strange but at least i could be a sorcerer and doing the rite of passage, but there wasn't any power within me! Why? I don't know that. And any other options that constitute the kobold cheese was inaccessible , i was allergic to the classical kobold cheese , so they exiled me because i could not put such shame on the village, not from where only kobold character come , so i started to travel learning how use my natural attack (one of the few thing about kobold which that i wasn't allergic) and i travel to gain experience and to have an answer to my question, i will demonstrate that a kobold can be strong even without being a sorcerer, or a dragonwrought kobold!
*After some time some voice about a strange kobold start to go around some inn*
"Have you heard Jack , it seems that the Thingold is around here , what do you think is he doing around here"
"Mhp , do you think that the Thingold is real Tom? You are still a child, the Thingold story is only an illusion made by someone to scary the people , or to cover some assassination , i don't believe at that story, and my guys doesn't believe that right ?' At that one four men sayed Aye getting up from their chair then sitted down again .So now i have some affair so goodbye Tom and the Thingold is only a story"
"But they say that is a monster that can fly , with an horrible skin and which body is disfigured in infinite arms"
"It is only a story i repeat and now good night"
They exited and not so far from the inn they found one in a very long cloak ,and his face was horrible
"Go away we don't want anyone on our road"
"And I think i will not move"
Then Jack drawed is rapier
"So you want to die"
"Let's see what will happen"
The first strike of the Jack's men cutted in two the cloak revealing the tentacles under that cloak and the aspect of that figure
"What are you ???"
"I have many names, the Aberration , the Thingold, The Horrible One, but i called myself ...The Exiled"
"The Thingold??? It is only a story and we will demonstrate that to you!"
The morning after that night Jack and his men were found dead on the road, two with the bones broke, one with a bite at the heart, and two with the throat cutted in two and in an alley not so far from here a figure with two tentacles, two claws and his teeths still red said
"Another challenge accomplished in my long journey so I'm not sorry for that men" Before going in the alley of that city without any remorse

Spoiler: Stats

Point buy Final stats
Strength 11(3 points) Strength 7(-4 racial)
Dexterity 17(13 points) Dexterity 19(+2 racial)
Constitution 14(6 points) Constitution 14(+0 racial)
Intelligence 14(6 points) Intelligence 14(+0 racial)
Wisdom 12(4 points) Wisdom 10(-2 racial)
Charisma 8 (0 points) Charisma 8(+0 racial)
The 4th level point go to dexterity

Spoiler: Build
Level Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
1st Scout 1 +0 +0 +2 +0 Skill point 40((8+int )*4)
Knowledge nature 4(4),Knowledge Dungeoneering 4(4),Tumble 4(4),Search 4(4) ,Disable Device 4(4),Escape artist 4(4),Spot 2(2) ,Move silently 4(4),Hide 4(4),Listen 2(2) ,Balance 4(4)
Multiattack Skirmish (+1d6), trapfinding
2nd Hunter Barbarian 1 +1 +2 +2 +0 Skill point 6(4+int )
Knowledge nature 4(0),Knowledge Dungeoneering 4(0),Tumble 5*(1),Search 5(2) ,Disable Device 5(2),Escape artist 4(0),Spot 2(0) ,Move silently 4(0),Hide 4(0),Listen 3(1) ,Balance 4(0)
Favored enemy (undead), Spiritual totem(lion) ACF
3rd Scout 2 +2 +2 +3 +0 Skill point 10(8+int )
Knowledge nature 5(1),Knowledge Dungeoneering 5(1),Tumble 6(1),Search 6(1) ,Disable Device 6(1),Escape artist 5(1),Spot 3(1) ,Move silently 5(1),Hide 5(1),Listen 3(0) ,Balance 5(1)
Weapon Finesse Battle fortitude +1, uncanny dodge
4th Scout 3 +3 +3 +3 +1 Skill point 10(8+int )
Knowledge nature 6(1),Knowledge Dungeoneering 6(1),Tumble 7(1),Search 7(1) ,Disable Device 7(1),Escape artist 6(1),Spot 3(0) ,Move silently 6(1),Hide 6 (1),Listen 3(0) ,Balance 5(0), Skill trick learned (Nimble Charge)
Fast movement +10 ft., skirmish (+1d6, +1 AC), Go to ground ACF
5th Scout 4 +4 +3 +4 +1 Skill point 10(8+int )
Knowledge nature 7(1),Knowledge Dungeoneering 7(1),Tumble 8(1),Search 8(1) ,Disable Device 8(1),Escape artist 7(1),Spot 3(0) ,Move silently 7(1),Hide 7 (1),Listen 3(0) ,Balance 5(0), Skill trick learned (Twisted Charge)
Swift Hunter (bonus) Bonus feat
6th Scout 5 +4 +3 +4 +1 Skill point 10(8+int )
Knowledge nature 8(1),Knowledge Dungeoneering 8(1),Tumble 9(1),Search 9(1) ,Disable Device 9(1),Escape artist 8(1),Spot 3(0) ,Move silently 9(2),Hide 9 (2),Listen 3(0) ,Balance 5(0)
Improved Multiattack Evasion, skirmish (+2d6, +1 AC)
If flaws are permitted we will take one to gain Dragon tail at 1st level, but it's not necessary for this build
If Swift hunter is ruled that doesn't function as i think (read in tactics) i will take Iron Will
* I used Skilled city dweller to gain Tumble instead of Ride
Between () there is the number of skill point used for that level
Skill like this are cross classed for the level
Spoiler: Epic feats
1° Darkstalker
2° Travel Devotion
3° Travel Devotion
4° Travel Devotion
5° Travel Devotion
6° Aberration Blood(slimy skin )
7° Bestial Hide
8° Deepspawn
9° Starspawn
10° Improved Skirmish

Spoiler: Tactics

Spoiler: About Swift Hunter

Now , for me this feat function in a strange way, because what happen if i take it without having any ranger level? I think that i gain favored enemy progression as a ranger of the same level of my scout level so as a ranger level 5. If that is correct i gain two other favored enemy, in this case construct and elemental (i don't write the bonus because i do not know if i can boost favored enemy undead bonus)

Spoiler: Level 1
The first level, one level where the most important thing is ... the skill points! Because we gain 40 points, not bad , but what we do with these points? We can hide, move silently and tumble enough well with our dexterity modifier, we can search in a good way thanks to the kobold bonus, if we take 10 on disable device we can remove some trap , we can know something on some common enemies, our listen and our spot is not so good, with only a 10 on wisdom, but we can't do anything no? They are a little better than our attack roll because is very bad, if we do close combat, with a -1 on the attack roll with a weapon. But we will use a ranged weapon for this level at least we can strike our enemy, even if we are not specialized without precise shot . Trapfinding is a good thing, and while skirmish is nerfed by the errata , we can still use it with a ranged weapon , maybe too much near to the enemy but we hope that our AC is good enough (without any armor is 16 so is good). How can we gain multiattack? Well there is the answer, because the kobold have natural weapon by this web enhancement! And because we have sligth build our hide modifier is even higher, but grapple check are terrible for us so is better to have a higher modifier on escape artist rather than listen or spot

Spoiler: Level 2
Now the 2nd level, if the first level skill table was so big f skill point, this level have lesser skill point and so many cross class skill , but give us some important thing! First the little bonus to fortitude save, an important save so is not bad, second an higher hit dice, more hit points are good no? Third favored enemy , instead of rage, and this will help us damaging enemy normally immune to our precision damage in future . Last thing very important the spirit totem lion, a way to make more damage with our natural attacks using all of them. Multiattack is starting to take a more useful form , because the charge bonus will take away the penalties from using more natural weapons. But our attack roll is still bad a +0 so we will fight with a ranged weapon even for this level , in combat probably we are not so useful for these level, but we try ,at the first level is not easy for anyone, at least our skills help us , detecting trap and being able to move silently and hide without so many problem .Our AC should be still good enough probably around the 20 with the equipment

Spoiler: Level 3
Finally weapon finesse! Now we can fight in a better way in melee using our natural weapon in a good way, the charge is still the best way to do an high amount of skirmish damage , between our natural weapons which permit us to do 3d6 of skirmish. For the other bonus of this level , well they are useful uncanny dodge especially because a good portion of our AC is from dexterity, but what else give this level for us? Battle fortitude, a little bonus but good enough to be used in each combat, because a bonus to initiative is good no? It boost our fortitude save, and while it is not the lowest is a good thing. Our skill are the same, many are behind because the barbarian level, but we can use them in some way , at least to sneak around, or to escape from grapple check, or to know something about some enemies like animal!

Spoiler: Level 4
Fast movement is the most important thing here, because more movement is a good thing , while we are charging and pouncing during our charge, the skirmish start to be a defensive tool , because we gain a bonus to AC , even a +1 is a boost to our AC is a good thing so now what is the last thing we gain ? Go to ground as a variant to trackless step. Now why we gain go to ground? Well it's writing is strange, because it say that if we choose to stay low we can't be find by non magical meaning, but what signifies to stay low? Well the feat say that Urban Tracking doesn't function , but it also say that you cannot be found without magical means, and if that means that we are undetectable is a good thing, if is only trackless step in an urban environment (preventing gather information rather than survival) well depend on a campaign (and within a city skirmish is more difficult to do so it can be an answer for that hiding and moving to strike the enemy then to stay low again helped maybe by hide). We learned a skill trick and with that our charge will be even easier

Spoiler: Level 5
So now after weapon finesse we are good melee attacker, with our skirmish on many enemies even if the base damage is low , but who is the most difficult enemies? And you remember when i said that favored enemy will help us? Now is that moment, when we qualify for swift hunter, which (for me) give more favored enemies, and give the possibility to use skirmish against the enemy without a discernible anatomy if they are our favored enemy so for now undead and construct not bad , they are very common , the same for undead , so it is a big help if we will encounter these enemies. There is a strange combination but i have already write about that , but if that doesn't function i will take iron will , a way to boost our low will saves. We learn another trick to make our charge easier to do twisting them if needed

Spoiler: Level 6
This level is a very big boost to our offensive , between improved multiattack which remove all of our penalties, and a boost to skirmish , 1d6 which is multiplied by the number of our natural weapons so is a very good thing, and the boost to our abilities nearly come to an end because we will not gain other skill points but at this point tumble is high enough to permit us to avoid any AoO while moving normally while the other abilities help us. We didn't boosted listen and spot because with our wisdom is easier to use other abilities which depend on dexterity or intelligence so we can listen and spot but not like an expert, but we can find trap and disable device in a good way , and moving silently and hiding in a very good way so out of combat we can still do something , scouting the way ahead searching for traps so is good at this level capable to do an high amount of damage in little time like an ubercharging build

Spoiler: 1st epic feat
Now we can hide even from the creature able to see us while hiding good thing , useful in many situations , mostly out of combat, especially if go to ground is only trackless step for urban tracking, it is necessary as feat so first we take it first we will be more useful in many situation

Spoiler: From 2nd to 5th epic feats
So now we have very few way to avoid difficult terrain which blocks our charge, but is the best thing to depend on the charge? There are some way to block a charge , and we would provoke AoO without a good roll on tumble so why not have another way to make a full attack and moving? This is where travel devotion come , and it does his work using our round moving around the enemy as quick action, and striking them with our five natural weapon in the future, without the bonus from the charge but with an easy bonus from the flanking if we have some companion , so we lose one bonus to have another one (we can still charge so we don't lose the other way to use skirmish in a good way with pounce) But we have only one use if we take travel devotion 1 time, so we take it 4 times so we have 4 use for day , which combined with pounce should be enough for the daily encounters. We can even use travel devotion to go in a position where we can charge and flank the enemy to have even a bigger bonus

Spoiler: From 6th to 9th epic feats
4 aberrant feat, a choice which give us so many bonus, and for that go to ground is being useful if we stay low we will not make any panic attack in a city where our appearance is seen as bad ,but let's see them in this way. Aberrant Blood is a prerequisite but because we have chosen slimy skin our escape artist is even higher than before so probably we will escape easily from the grapple. Bestial Hide is another prerequisite, but give a bonus to AC so is good because to don't be hit is the best way to avoid damage. Deepspawn is the best feat among these because these two tentacle will do more skirmish damage, doing the same damage of our claw , giving us all of the three types of damage , so is a very good feat (it boost our damage of 66% compared to the previous damage) Starspawn is another feat which is good, which permit to have another +1 from Bestial Hide, and give us a flying speed of 20 feet . Now what can we do with a flying speed? Well we can use skirmish in a very small terrain , where we could not move, we can charge flying to avoid terrain similar to undergrowth which would block the charge. We can fight flying enemy so a flying speed is something very useful ,we can fight the flying enemy in some way , we don't need to jump anymore probably, and even climbing is rarer now if we fly (the last one only to rest the rounds between the use of the feat)

Spoiler: 10th epic feat
Improved Skirmish , another boost to our damage, the final huge boost to our damage. Is very easy moving 20 feet between tumble, pounce, travel devotion so that is not the problem, maybe is strike the enemy within that movement the big problem but we can't do that for medium creature, thanks to the errata, but if we are fighting larger creature our skirmish damage is doubled(or very near to double), which is around now 20d6 of skirmish , that should be enough for something usable each round (not considering any items that boost skirmish) We can use that even if we charge flying the speed is the same, thanks to fast movement which boost our base speed.

Spoiler: Number on this build

Hp=8+1d12+4d8+12=44 (average roll)
Melee attack roll with weapon finesse= 4(BaB)+5 (dexterity)+1(size)=10
Full attack damage with skirmish (not improved) =1d2-2+4d3-4+10d6=38
Full attack damage with improved skirmish=1d2-2+4d3-4+20d6=73
AC without skirmish ( i count a mithral chain skirt as armor and no shield i don't know the rule for a buckler and natural weapon attack)=10+4(armor)+5(dexterity)+1(size)+1 (natural armor kobold)+2(natural armor bestial hide)=23
AC with skirmish=23 (from before)+1=24
AC with improved skirmish =23+1+2=26
Escape artist check=9 (rank)+5(dexterity)+4(slimy skin)=18
Hide check =9(rank)+5 (dexterity)+4 (small size)+4 (slight build)=22

Spoiler: Source

From Lord of Madness: Darkstalker, Aberration blood, Deepspawn, Starspawn, Bestial Hide
From Races of Dragon web enhancement Kobold stat (natural weapon and slight build)
FromCityscape Web Enhancement Go to ground , Skilled City Dweller
From Monster Manual: Multiattack
From Draconomicon:Improved Multiattack
From Complete Champion: Travel Devotion, Spiritual totem ACF
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From Complete Scoundrel: Improved Skirmish, Swift Hunter
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