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The thing about Parks and Recreation, which is still on, is that when it starts, they are all terrible people. As the series goes on, they all gradually learn to be better, and that's what makes it great (we're not going to talk about the very last episode, which invalidates all of Andy's growth and makes him awful once again).
Considering where Chris Pratt's character starts in season 1 I doubt I'll take a liking to him.

Spoiler: Parks and Rec Season 1
He breaks his legs and pretty much turns his girlfriend into a servant. Then he lies about the date his casts are to come off just to get her to wait on him longer.

Yeah, he's scum! Even when she found out and kicked him out making him homeless I felt no pity for the character. Don't bite the hand that feeds you. Especially if it's your had working, selfless, girlfriend, and you lie to her.