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    Thoroughly industrial in aesthetics, the Venture is a ship designed to keep it's crew alive in unfriendly systems - everything else is secondary. Inside, however, the Venture is surprisingly comfortable, making it excellent for exploration, permanenet residency, and long-haul shipping.

    [Ship Name; TBD] TIER 1
    Medium Explorer
    Speed: 6 | Manueverability: Good [Turn 1] | Drift: 1
    AC: 14 | TL: 12
    HP: 55 | TL: - | CT: 11
    Shields: Basic 20 [Forward 5; Port 5; Starboard 5; Aft 5]
    Attack [Forward]: Light Laser Cannon [2d4]
    Attack [Turret]: HE Missle Launcher [4d8]
    Power Core: Pulse Grey [100 PCU]; Drift Engine Signal Basic
    Systems: Basic Computer; Budget Mid-range Sensors; Crew Quarters [Common]; Mk III Armor; Mk I Defenses
    Expansion Bays: Cargo Holds[3]; Physical Science Labs
    Modifiers: +2 Piloting; Complement: 6
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