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All the while Zuu is monitoring his familiar's progress, observing, through its senses, if there is any sign of humans anywhere. As such he is completely blind and deaf to his surroundings, although retaining his sense of touch.
Seeing as how you all lack an apparent sense of direction, the rest of the party seems willing to wait it out as your familiar takes some time to explore. After viewing through its senses for half an hour, your familiar can actually scan across the whole island due to its relatively small size. Much of it is covered in a jungle though, so its search isn't as thorough as you would have wanted. You do find several things of interest along the beaches though, including but not limited to:

- Some creatures are swimming about the ruins of The Tempest and picking it of all its valuables. At first you believe that some sort of fish is doing this, but upon closer examination you can tell that some sort of humanoid is accomplishing this task. They are an obviously aquatic race with squidlike heads, but you have never heard of such things before. These do not resemble the fish people that attacked you earlier. You have no idea whether they are hostile or not.

- On the same peninusla which you are all on, you believe that you can find where the pirates Crynirad was talking about are. Some tieflings are scouring through the remnants of a landlocked ship badly torn up in a swampy mangrove. They are carrying crates to the beach besides the swamp and opening them, usually to only toss the resources away because they have been soiled by water. The ship is not Lengian in build, so you assume that they the ship they are looking through is not actually the one they where piloting when it crashed. You only see four people working there, so either Crynirad overestimated how many pirates actually survived the wreck or there are more out there in the jungle.

- You find the river cutting you off from the rest of the island, and it appears that Crynirad was right. A group of creatures which resemble bears that crawled inside of turtle shells are clogging up the river in the same concentration that a seal colony might. It is one of the weirdest sights you have seen so far.

- On the main island past the peninsula, you can find another landlocked ship. This appears to be a sizeable brig-sloop, with people still inhabiting parts of the ship despite the fact that it is broken beyond repair. By the looks of it, a dozen people if not more are camping out there. Their mostly human but ever so slightly elf-like features make it clear that they are from Dylath-Lean or somewhere else on the River Skai.

- You find another ship that has been landlocked, but somehow it has managed to actually land deeper in the jungle than on the beach. You can't even fathom what could have caused such an absurd arrangement. You swear you see an insect like creature the size of a mastiff on board, but it quickly crawls away from your sight. For all intents and purposes it looks abandoned.

- In the center of the island there is a mountainous peak which reaches far above the trees. On top of the mountain there is a cave, the same cave which you believe you saw lights coming from when the storm first appeared. You can't tell anything else without getting dangerously close to the cave.

- On your way back, you realize something that you missed before: a single person sitting under the shade of a tree very close to the beach. This appears to be another elf-human from Dylath-Lean. This person seems to have no resources at all with them. You are confounded as to why this person would want to stray so far from the other resources or people, especially seeing as how he probably came from the ship you just saw.