Unbodied: creating weird rule failures since 2004.

These incorporeal brains have a chassis consisting of 4 monstrous humanoid HD, a moderate range of ability bonuses (+2 or +4 to everything that's not strength), and a very acceptable 30 ft. fly speed as their only movement mode. Their one natural weapon is an 1d6 touch (at least it's better than unarmed strikes).

They also get several interesting special abilities. At-will telekinetic force allows you to do most things that your physical party members can, Assume Likeness is free Disguise Self with a wider size range, and 100 ft. telepathy is great for the obvious reasons. Hide Mind is just there, I guess.

On top of all that, they get 4th-level telepath manifesting, which can be advanced normally with class levels.

Obviously, casting is great, and casting that comes with better HD, the ability to enter PrCs normally at level 6, and incorporeality is just flat-out stellar. Considering that most monsters can't even reliably hurt an incorporeal PC until level 6-7 or so, I'm very tempted to slap something in the neighborhood of +3 on it. It won't even lock the unbodied out of getting 9th-level psion powers or completing a full PrC.

+3 for now, do discuss.