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    Default Re: ACExtravaganza's Alone Against the Flames OOC

    Quote Originally Posted by ACExtravaganza View Post
    Drive Auto [roll0]
    Anthropology [roll1]
    Spot Hidden [roll2]
    Persuade [roll3]
    Fast Talk [roll4]

    I think I did that right. And sure, I would like to continue, though I did think this was going to become a multiplayer game at some point. Is that not the case?
    Those look mostly right. So that means that you may 3 d10s, one for Drive Auto, one for Spot Hidden, and one for Fast Talk.

    It is going to eventually become a multiplayer game. However, the one distinction is that there's one more solo game. But it'll be a lot more freeform, and I'm simply going to be a normal keeper, without any comments at the bottom offering advice.
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