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So it's just like how we had to have the plan to overthrow Tarquin resolved last book? And all those pages dedicated to Jirix's actions in Gobbotopia and the Azurites conquering an island to use as their new home? Or is the truth that the total page count dedicated to these side threads amount to zilch, a panel of Jirix stomping on a Demon Cockroach, and a panel showing Hinjo fighting some bugs?

There wasn't anything showing how the Greysky Thieves Guild is dealing with their multiple losing encounters with the Order or the CPPD fixing their prison after Elan and Thog busted out inside an hour.

Why do you think Rich is going to treat this subplot any different?
Because it's not actually a subplot, it's the main plot of the book. It's more than important enough to be dealt with explicitly.

Sure, it's always possible that the Godsmoot will continue (off-panel) into book 7. I just don't understand why you're so certain of that.