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Your version seems great, though I'd add an additional tweak that it can search for any land (though in practice, of course, people would only tutor legendary ones, because of the final ability)
Only if they wanted to use it for winning. Elvish Reclaimer is a card, and the effect is much easier to use when it's on an untapped land than on a creature. The ability to tutor for any land is too strong to just slap on a land like that.

EDIT: This next card is also a land, and is exceedingly simple... but also makes no sense in any Limited environment whatsoever, though it should be fine in Eternal ones:

Crumbling Archway

Land - Desert Gate ... Uncommon

T: add C
It feels too much like shoehorning two land types together, and not for any reason since they don't work together in any meaningful way.

And it would make sense in limited, as it would be printed in a limited environment where those types mattered.