[Gem Mountain - North]

Rein's urging is enough to get Fettina out of the way of the first blast. She half stumbles, half flutters out of the way, doing her best to shield Rein from any excess heat. She doesn't know how she does with burns. She's simultaneously a little scared and a little curious to find out. More scared than anything, considering the twitching, shambling motions of those fleshy puppets.

Well, nuts to this. Fettina tries to get herself back to a safe distance, if there is one, and return fire. Her whirly-tipped raygun emits a lance of yellow energy, a sort of... matter disassembly beam, if you will. Whatever objects it traces across - to a certain limited depth and thickness, thankfully - will be neatly severed at the striking point.

Tina holds the beam and flicks it back and forth across the hallway, just once. If it glances off them or something, well... time to depart with all haste!