"Understood. I confess, I'm not particularly confident in my abilities, but I'll do my best." Xiren pauses. "Could you tell your crew to meet us at the site of the fallen Elder, please? We'll do our principal photography there." After exchanging pleasantries with Ebizo, Xiren gathers her things and sets off to gather the pilots. As she does, she thinks back to her childhood; to the crimson red posters and billboards that dotted her small mountain town. What was it that had made her stop in the street and stare at the pictures of the noble soldiers with upturned faces, flanked by bold text in Standard Chinese she could barely understand? And what had made her grandfather hold her hand a little tighter and hurry her along as they passed? She walks, and she remembers, and by the time she arrives at Carmen's door she's formed the beginnings of an idea.

Once she and Shane have wrangled her into a semblance of full consciousness, she asks Carmen a simple, if rather cryptic question: Why do you fight? As they collect the other pilots, she asks each of them the same question, in turn, and seems to make note of their answers. On the ride over to the site of the battle they'd fought the previous day, Xiren has her nose buried in a small notebook, scribbling furiously, then repeatedly crossing out what she's written and beginning again.