[Gem Mountain - North]

Running out of the hallway with a plume of fire at his back is certainly one of the most cinematic moments Reinholdt has had. No doubt his hair remains perfect and untouched during this adrenaline packed moment.

He's far too busy leap sliding over the desk to crouch behind it to care about any of that though. A desk in the middle of a library of books is hardly the most fire resistant, but it should still smolder long enough to be an interposing force. It'd be preferably if nothing in here caught on fire at all though, so Rein peeks his head over top the desk, noting Tina backing away while firing a crazy looking ray gun. And fire mannequins. Well at least it wasn't just an overly invasive plume of smoke. He can at least shoot at fire mannequins too.

Reinholdt will take aim at the head of the closest one with his pistol and squeeze out three rounds of very normal bullets.