While we're waiting for action IC and background info OOC, I thought I should mention a change back to the default rules for resolving combat.

Initially I liked the highest die option that's presented in the Risus Companion (which you don't need to play this game, but it's kind of quirky and interesting). However, pre-playing a potential group combat in my head, I realized that the highest die option falls apart (at least for dramatic purposes) when you have a team of chumps coming at a smaller team of highly skilled people. Generally we'd like the highly skilled people to subdue the chumps, because unless there are an overwhelming number of chumps that usually is what happens in the real world. But using the highest die option, the dozen chumps get as many dice as do the four skilled people, and this cuts down significantly on heroics.

So I'm going to waffle back over to the default rules where the higher total wins each round of a combat, the lower total drops a die, and when you team up, you use all of the leader's dice and all sixes from other team members' dice. This stuff can be found at page 3 of the rules.