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Steve Jackson Games recently re-released The Fantasy Trip. This was a great old system that Steve lost the rights to when it was held by Metagaming. Long story not worth telling, he got the rights back and re-released it. It has a really deadly combat system and only 3 stats, IQ, DX, ST. When you kill a creature you get XP for every point of damage you do and if you put in the killing blow you earn XP = to the character's DX.

But other than that system, I can't remember any either.
1) Really? The Fantasy Trip has been re-released? Cool! That was one of the first games I played.
2) Rewarding people for killing things is pretty much the basis of most roleplaying games, even if it's sometimes indirect. Rolemaster awards points for killing folks, for example. Runequest doesn't directly reward killing, but practicing your skill with weapons (killing people and creatures) meant that you got more skilled. At killing people and creatures.

So far as rewarding players I think I can address the issue with an approach somewhere between Rolemaster and Runequest (skills that get practiced improve, new skills can be acquired, and so on)