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    Vauma blinked, shaking her head a little. She felt… it actually took a moment to figure out what, but eventually she connected the feeling with not being tired. It had been at least a decade since she'd felt that. Her reverie was cut short, however, by the knowledge that Baba Yaga was present. That took priority.

    She brushed herself off as best as she could, gave Mycetes a quick inspection, and proceeded to where Dharmesh was. Baba Yaga appeared to have set up a stand of some sort, selling… breaded meat. That was good; she must be here for her amusement- selling food at a spectacle that nobody could watch. Then, it was best to fit that role. She hadn't needed to eat for a while now, though, and when she had it was never at something like this. Her knowledge of civilization's customs was woefully inadequate, and neither the customs of the fey nor her borrowed architectural knowledge could help her here. That left her knowledge of religious practices. Fortunately, this would suffice. There were Vudrani sects that wished not to move on to the Outer Planes, but instead sought to integrate themselves at a spiritual level with the Material Plane, merging their being with the entirety of reality. It mirrored her own request perfectly. When it was polite to speak without interrupting, she said, "Make me one with everything."

    She looked at Mycetes. "He'll have one too, no onions."
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