Rituals demand labs and thus making that would kinda defeat the purpose of a beauty that can just grown her plant pokemon anywhere, in particular when every Pokémon nation already has Pokémon-summoning rituals anyway.
Well.. the beauty would still have a purpose, as a growing specialist, if she had her own unique rituals that were more cost-effective.
In return for then not being much worth as a combat mage or a researcher.

In the other hand Tangelas are supposed to be the "militia" unit for Celadon City, at 7 gold a pop, so if they feel so much better than skeletons, I'm completely open to suggestions about how to nerf them to the ground so they can be used as freespawn. They don't even have an evolution for this era at least.

So, less protection/morale/hp/defense/attack? Remove either the absorb or wrap attack?
Well it almost feels like a shame to nerf them that harshly. But yes, just for a start, 10 attacks per square is likely a little to strong. perhaps also the poison skin.
Though im equally suspecting that in most cases, having freespawn militia will still be much stronger for a nation like Celadon, than skeletons are for Schleria.
Partly because Celadon have much stronger ranged units, who will shred just about anything less than blessed giants while they tangle with Tangelas.

As for acid I could reduce range too so oddishes can only get a volley or two before being closed in melee (or will need to weather enemy fire if against ranged troops).
Reduced range will likely do a lot to fix things.
Though im still concerned about if its something that makes Pokemon nations to strong in general.
Kinda why i think its a shame, i didnt get to fight a "normal" nation. Without freespawn shennanigans.

Else, a suggestion for making pokemon assasins slightly less abusive.
Give them negative patience score. Since loudly yelling "I CHALLENGE YOU!" should draw most bodyguards.