[Gem Mountain - North]

The two adventurers have to be on some kind of reality TV show, because what Reinholdt just pulled right then was too good to be missed by viewers everywhere. At the very least, there's always the chance they're on a shampoo commercial right now.

Flames burst out of the second zombie's mouth, but it obviously misses. If the zombies were smarter, the farthest one away would have attacked first, because then at least the intrepid adventurers wouldn't have moved out of the range of the closest ones. The flames of the second one don't even reach Fettina or Reinholdt, as they now know how far the flames can shoot - and it's not far enough. And it doesn't even try to aim at Rein, because he's in hiding. To it, Tina is obviously the better target because there's nothing in its way.
It does manage to heat up the air, however.

Tina will soon discover that she does not have to flee: the matter disassembly beam seems to work pretty well on their fleshy bodies. All three of them, though the one in the back is least affected because the closer ones act as a meat shield to block most of the beam. The beams penetrate their fleshy stomachs, almost cutting them in half (it doesn't get their backs or spines) so some of their entrails spill out.

Also, flames start spurting out of their stomachs. This ray gun is too overpowered.

And the zombies' luck turns to the worse, as Rein blasts open the head of the closest one! Now, instead of a mouth and head, the closest zombie just has flames spurting straight out of its neck. But, unlike normal zombies, a head-shot doesn't kill it.

The flames start burning at the wounds, turning them black.
All three of them continue stumbling towards Tina.

And, the closest zombie - Zombie #1 - falls apart, due to all the damage it has received from the brunt of the raygun and all of Reinholdt's very normal bullets. Its flesh falls apart and burns up, leaving behind...a flame elemental that had been living inside the body. Still mostly-human-shaped like the body was, except without a head. And, simply put, apparently made of pure flame.

Of course, now freed from the awkward and slow flesh, the flame elemental is now much quicker than its two zombie-friends and starts running at Tina in an attempt to grab her in some sort of awkward flame-hug.