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Well by that standard Scleria's communions also love skeleton chaff holding the line while they set up and start raining magic death.

Plus after tangelas lose their absorb attack, they'll struggle to hurt anything with half-decent armor, while skeletons still hit as hard as regular soldiers (and will never be repelled), thus can kill a fair amount of stuff themselves.

Magikarps are still 10 HP/10 protection so still make a nice wall even if they can't fight back, and the fisherman's second most common catch are goldeens which can spam supersonic. Plus statistically eventually some of those magikarps will evolve into Gyarados.

Celadon were second if not first in most graphs, a coalition was pretty inevitable.

The main question was wherever me or them would be the first target of a coalition. But their freeupkeepspawn forced them to play their hand first by invading Ermor and paint themselves as a target, allowing Vermillion City to be seen as the lesser evil a savior.

Contrast to MA Ermor, the freespawn nation. They can be taken out, in particular if ganked early game. But often MA Ermor can stay under the radar going "if you attack me first it won't be worth your trouble" until they properly set up a nice death gem income, research key death spells and a massive undead army then jump into somebody else's war. But a Celadon City that starts spamming Beauty Xs however will be forced to play agressively, which is a significant disadvantage diplomacy-wise. And diplomacy is pretty important in any FFA dominions match.
A note here that your experience with ma ermor is vastly different than mine, where I usually see them jumped on by every single neighbor immediately upon expansion finishing.