[Gem Mountain - North]

Well this is taking a turn for the bizarre. Fettina tries to intercede between the incoming elemental and Reinholdt, but the thing is going for her anyways. "Uhh-- Keep back, Rein! And if you got some kinda magic to get ridda these things--" A moment later she's seized. The chrome gal has skin that can deflect laser weaponry, so it's possible even magical flame will have a hard time hurting her. Her jumpsuit is pretty tough as well, but it isn't really meant as armor. "****! Uh-- Rein! Fire extinguisher! Middle pouch on the back of my belt!"

She shouts that at Rein because her hands are going to be pretty busy. She tries to grab the elemental if she can. The gal is made of celestial metal, but the creature may lack a solid form to grab on to. If the grab works, well, she's gonna try to punch it. In her head, she is gonna punch it hard enough to make it explode. She is strong enough to crack stone, if that means anything for this exchange.

If Rein has time to snatch something from the middle pouch, he'll discover a small orange canister with a spray top.