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Thread: What foods are good frozen?

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    Blueberries. Don't put your freezer at -10 degrees F or something, just go with 0~-3 F. It helps things defrost slightly faster too. If the freezer is overly cold, the blueberry skins with strip off easily if eaten and will remain hard and icy for a considerable amount of time.

    If you like having sweets in your cereal such as chocolate chips or cookie shreds (like me :3), try putting in a goodly amount of frozen blueberries instead. It'll freeze the milk around it, making for a nice and tasty treat. They're a bit icy in my experience, but still quite good.

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    Try melting half a cup of butter; Add cacao+suggar to it. Finally mix and put it in the freezer.

    There you go: Mousse Chocolate the easy way.

    PS: Don't get too add
    icted to it; This thing has a ton of calories but is delicious.
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    This sounds awesome! I'll try it out when I have a chance. Do you have a recommendation for the amount/ratio of Cocoa to Sugar to butter?
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