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    Quote Originally Posted by Peelee View Post
    Spoiler: Tolkien disagrees

    I now await being told "no that's part of the Always Been There mountain range from the second unabridged Legendarium that was only published in Ancient Greek."
    The Lonely Mountain is an impossible mountain too. Tolkien sucked at mountains. In his defense, plate tectonics were only widely accepted from the 60's onwards, but really, all of his moutain ranges make right angle turns and just looking at a real map you can see that never happens.
    Then again, originally the world of Arda was a big ship and then Tolkien decided it was originally falt and was folde into a sphere later on and then he decided it was always a sphere so who knows how that geology works. Tolkien sure didn't, though.
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    If it is a volcano (active or not), then it totally can be alone: Kilimanjaro, Fuji...
    Are not alone even if they are away from the rest of their range. I guess the lonely mountain in Blackhawk's map could be in a similar position, although that doesn't explain the right angle.
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    the Vector Legion [is the IFCC's new pawns], mark my words. Way too much unfinished business there and they already know about the Gates.
    I'll take that bet.