[Mountain Slopes]

Sadly for Ilpholin, Damon is not going to be her nausea-buddy. He finds the trip quite fascinating, but seems to have a firm enough hold on his stomach not to be affected by the distortions to such a degree.

He waits patiently and even manages to avoid commenting on her sensitive stomach, but that's about it.

"Roped? Heh. I'm ssssure if assked, the king would ssay I am one of hisss sservantss, but I prefer to think of myssself asss more of a ssort of "hired help". He payss, I work. He sstopss paying, I leave. If I don't like the offer, I refusse." Damon shrugs. "But he payss well, and I need it. I ssought to kill a powerful demon, and found mysself helplesss. He can give me what I need to kill the rotten thing."