[Cass' Tower - Unmasqued]

Electra's shoulders sink slightly, and she shakes her head, before looking to Cass, opening her eyes again. She's lost the far-away look for the moment, but the sadness remains.

"No. You should know." She bites her lower lip, turning away for a moment, trying to decide where to start.

"My brothers, sister and I were all built by the same lab, the same duo of scientists. A husband and wife team. I think of them as my 'parents'. We all did, and considered each other siblings. I don't know how much Fayyaad or Dena might have told you about what I am and what abilities I have, but my siblings and I shared a special ability: we all had the ability to talk to each other mentally, instantaneously, over any distance. It was akin to an electronic form of telepathy, albeit, we could only do it with each other."

She looks back to Cass, and the sadness has faded a little, replaced with a bit of anxiety.

"We were built as soldiers. The idea was that we'd be far more cohesive and responsive in combat due to the reduced lag time in messaging, and that our mental communications couldn't be intercepted. We weren't a hive mind, but we were in each other's heads fairly often. When we were assigned, they put us all in the same squad together, and they made me squad leader since I had the highest leadership score." Her voice goes quiet, and she looks away again. "And then, we served through three world wars. And I lost one of them in each one."