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So we only have 5 issues left of HoXPoX, does anyone have any thoughts so far?
I did like the recent issue with the assault on Mother Mold. Especially once it comes on line and illustrates the contempt it has for both mutants and humans. I'm still not sure which life of Moira this is supposed to be at this point. And where is she in this incarnation?

I'm assuming at this point that the 616 that we know will be life XI for Moira. Although I'm pretty sure she is dead in the 616 timeline. Then again I was pretty sure she was a human so what do I know.

I'm interested to what else they with Apocalypse in this storyline. I liked seeing him committed to the plan against Nimrod and seeing it through in life IX. I wonder if they will square what happens in HoX/PoX with where he was at the end of Age of X-Man (seeming to come around that his way wasn't the right way, caring about Evan, etc), especially since he is apparently going to be in Excalibur after this. It's nice when he is written as a character and not a plot device. I assume Mr. Sinister is going to show up at some point as well.