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616 is life 10: The history of life ten lines up with her known history in Earth 616.

Apparently, she faked her death to help set this up.
I know comics are well known for retconning, but Xavier was in her mind when she died. That's not something that should be easy to fake. And if this is 616, why does Cyclops have both eyes? Hope shot one out. Why is Wolverine asking about the afterlife when he just recently paid it a visit? Why is Xavier getting emotional when the people on the suicide mission are likely pod people? (and where are the regulars?)

I think it is close, but different enough that it might not be 616. I think what we are seeing with Krakoa is life X and they end up getting "close", but not quite there. I think it's also possible the Phalanx bit is the future of this timeline, not life IX (Moira had already reset by that point, why show it?), and her endgame involves carrying over all of the memories in the hivemind somehow.

But overall I just don't see 616 being life X. Given what Destiny said, I think we're going to see life XI. The only way that happens is if things reset from life X. I just don't see this storyline being the big, universal Marvel reset (which is what each of her deaths is, essentially) that seriously monkeys with continuity. That's why I think basically everything we have seen has been past lives and the other shoe has yet to drop.