[Mountain Slopes]

"Oh I'm sure the King in Rags says that about all of his associates." Ilpholin says, slowly sweeping the slope. "Demons. They're all scum. Did you kill it in the end? Or is that an after this endeavor?"

[Gem Mountain - North]

"What the Mag..." Zombies were already terrifying! Fire elemental zombies... less so? Rein's not as afraid of fire as he is zombies, though the circumstances should warrant a bit more. But the cat absolutely hates undead. Fire's cool on the other hand. Nice and warm, and obvious weaknesses. A shame this cave was lacking a good sprinkler system.

Maybe this fire was too nice and warm and way too friendly as it goes after Tina. Rein's tempted to shoot at the other zombies since it'd be a mistake to forget about them, but he doesn't want their fire to escape and escalate things, seeing how fast this one is. He drop his pistol and pulls out... A medallion and a faerie wing? Oh no, a flairie wing. It's easy to get those confused. Not the taste though, as Rein pops the wing in his mouth and chews, making a disgusted face at the chalky flavor.

With a shuddering swallow, Rein slips the medallion on as he rushes over to Tina and retrieves the fire extinguisher after some fumbling with her belt. "Is this in your back pocket solely so you can make the euphemism about being happy to see someone?" Rein asks as he points the canister at the elemental and hits the spray.