[Gem Mountain - North]

The fire elemental is grabbable.
If it can grab her, then obviously she can grab it back. It feels like trying to grab something that's a mix between burning hay and liquid rock, densest in its torso. So...not the easiest thing to grab, but still grabbable.

As the fire elemental is punched, it starts to break apart and separate a little, but because it's not completely solid it doesn't break apart like a rock. Punching it also causes bursts of fire.

However! While punching it seems to only be somewhat effective, the fire extinguisher is super effective. It smothers the flames, completely erasing its limbs. Limbless, the fire elemental flops onto the ground like a jellyfish on dry land, and then continues to disappear as the fire extinguisher continues its suffocation. Soon, because of the fire extinguisher, it will completely vanish.

However, there's still two more of these zombies. Now that they know how to defeat them, it probably will be pretty easy to finish them off.
They've had enough time to get close enough to the two of them, so the now-closest zombie tries to grab both the adventurers at the same time (as green mist starts leaking out of its raygun wounds and its mouth), while the back zombie starts to build up flame to shoot out again.

...Actually, thinking about what might happen: if the back zombie's fire burst hits the leaking front zombie's gases, it might make that one explode.