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    Default Re: The Legacy of Dominic Deegan: The Unending Snark

    I don't really have a problem with the casual stuff.
    And if the wacky coincidences were limited to these parts, I would just groan about it, but not much more.

    I do however have a problem since in this entire plot line so far, the protagonist didn't really have to actively DO anything important.

    Looking for Dominic Deegan started from a random event, and the second page was also retrieved the same way.
    Sure, Snout searched for clues in the library, but it seems obvious that the library is a dead end and the pages from the mystery book will be the actual leads.
    Also, it made the library scene weird since we as the readers know about the importance of the page for the plot, but for Snout at this point it shouldn't have been more that a random event most people would just ignore.

    As for the plot-lines with the witch? Same thing, all the major points were a result or Snout walking around and things happen around him.
    Finding the witch? She came to his house.
    Finding the ship? He found it twice by accident, and a third time he could have noticed it if he wasn't deaf.
    Communication problems? No issue, it just happens that both the witch and the ship communicate with written language, and that seems to be a major part of their magic/tech. There is a difference between a witch manipulating ink so she can communicate with Snout, and a witch that accidentally DEFINED by the way to communicate.

    Other than researching in the library, every single action the main protagonist did was either dumb or pointless.
    If the nature of the wild zone was treated like the main mystery in shows such as "strange luck", "lucky man" or "Dirk Gently", that would have been different.
    But Dominic Deegan is the main mystery, and the wild zone luck is just taken for granted.

    Edit: Forgot to write it, but I was thinking about it real hard

    Regarding nitpicking, all I can say is this: You can ALWAYS find minor things to complain about like plot holes, design flaws, dialogues or whatever.
    In a good art, regardless if it's a book, comic or a TV show, it will drown in the other things, making it no more than a minor point even without mentioning that that's what it is.
    But in a comic where that's the only thing you can comment on even minor problems float to the top simply because there is nothing else besides that.

    The nitpicks are not as important to talk about, but if the actual criticism is being ignored anyway, I consider it fair play (as well as fun) if most participants can see the difference in priority themselves.
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