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    Of all the professions you're not allowed to criticise, teachers complain the most. Some of those complaints are valid, but many just show a lack of perspective.

    Some districts are garbage; but by and large, you're never going to see some dearth of people wanting to get into the job to the scale you're seeing with a lot of police departments these days (also a good-paying job with great benefits). Most places you go, teachers are doing better than most.

    What is happening with teachers has little to do with pay and benefits; and more to do with burnout from ****ty parents expecting the schools and teachers to raise their kids for them.
    We have a lot of teachers compared to the other professions. Just the volume of the number of teachers we need is mind-boggling. They do get the shaft often. In my wife's school they make them change rooms early and often for the "free" cleaning service that they get out of this practice. To add insult to injury sometimes they make them do this more than once between and during school-years. I would want to be paid for moving my desk all the time at work . . . much less for an entire classroom.

    Teachers keep getting new responsibilities. It just keeps on piling up year-after-year.

    Teachers burn-out evidently at an average rate of 5-years, and 3-years for special education.
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