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    Vannethia, the Golden Horde

    Size 146, Growth 6, Offense 4, Defense 4, Speed 4
    Skill Research 132/150
    Power Research 116/150
    Food 172/185

    Power Chamber- Holds your Power Source. Actions can be spent to do Research on the source to unlock new Power Traits.
    Central Hive- Includes the Queen's chamber, the resting areas, and the central tunnel leading to the surface. All other sections of the Colony branch off from here.
    Croverus the Great Tree- The tree your colony is built under now has a mind and a name. It can shape itself and can be contacted by moving your mind into its own, which any ant can do simply by touching it. An ant in the tree’s mind can see anything happening in and around it, and can sense the mind of any Vannethian ant. Croverus has given you many rooms inside itself to live in, including more Soldier Warrens and Food Storage. Many of the rooms have transparent windows.
    Croverus wants to help the colony. It seems to regard Vannethia’s advancement as being its task as much as yours, since you created it, and Croverus is a tree and therefore cannot move from the spot where this colony is. It would also like to figure out its own origins, and its true capabilities.
    Soldier Warren- Soldiers rest and train here, located higher up along the central tunnel as well as inside the tree, to allow early reaction to attacks on the Hive.
    Food Storage- Can currently hold 185 food. Has expanded up into the Great Tree.
    Experiment Tunnel- This tunnel provides a safe place to do experiments without risking danger for the rest of the hive.
    Records Tunnel- Holds your records of the colony’s history. Currently has a general record up to turn 22 and a detailed one up to turn 5.
    Tree Tunnel- Zektak shaped a tunnel up into the Great Tree for the purpose of colonizing it.
    Coliseum- Created by Croverus at JoJoAnt’s request, this is an arena for fighting and testing abilities.
    Art Gallery- Created by Croverus at Zektak’s request, this is a place where ants can see art. Currently contains some abstract plant sculptures by Zektak.
    Pit Traps- Protective traps dug around the entrance.
    Watch Posts- Regular patrols of the immediate area are based out of these.
    Treehoppers- You have 8 size of treehoppers (4 size fully grown, 4 newly hatched), hatched and raised in the hive. Feeding them no longer requires an action, since you have trained them to stay in the garden.
    You have now trained the treehoppers as mounts, so they can carry ants around. They are far faster than ants.
    Centipede- You have captured a centipede and trained it to not eat ants.
    Antitan has now fully tamed the centipede, and it will follow simple mental instructions.
    Garden Plot- You have grown plants here. These are a consistent source of food, adding a flat 4 to all food gathering (except it’s actually 8 because of your Life powers). This is gathered each turn by the Food Force.
    You have now grown Heliconia shrubs here, with their strange, beautiful hanging flowers.
    Plant Spikes- Your newest defense consists of plants grown into spiky, hazardous shapes, as grown by Theoanta and Ant-Eye.
    Stream Outpost- Founded by Theoanta, this is an outpost located at and under the Mossy Tree. There’s a tunnel connecting it with the main hive for easy access.
    -Dock- Built by Theoanta, this is a structure that juts out into the stream. You currently have one Boat Plant tethered here with silk.
    Colony Subgroups- Your Hive Partitioning skill lets you divide smaller groups from the colony.
    -Food Force- This group gathers food every turn, and brings in the 4 (well, 8) food per turn from your garden. Force 1/4
    -Hopper Feeding Force- This force feeds the treehoppers every turn, and keeps them from leaving the hive. Force 2/4
    -Power Research Force- This group researches Power every turn. Force 3/4
    -Skill Research Force- This group researches Skill every turn. Force 4/4
    -Myrmidons- Antitan found the 20 most promising soldiers in the colony for this squad, and has been experimenting on them so they can be more effective fighters. Currently, he has increased their Defense to 7 and Offense to 6 by strengthening their chitin and adding forelimb spikes as weapons, which they can now shoot.
    -Messengers- A group of treehopper-mounted ants that take news between Vannethia and Klaffet.

    Power Source- A perfect, bright golden orb that emits strange magical energies, located in your Power Chamber. Allows you to research Power. You now know how to avert the effects of failure during research, so even a critical failure won’t cause anything bad to happen.
    Great Tree- The colony is built underneath an enormous, beautiful tree, larger than those around it and surrounded by undergrowth. The entrance to your colony is between two of its roots, with the main trunk to the north of the entrance. Apparently has the potential to boost magic effects using your Life powers.
    Zektak appears to have entered a rapport with the tree, allowing him to sense anything going on around it, as well as shape it to some extent. Also, apparently the tree has a consciousness?
    When your Mind magic was empowered, hundreds of ants were drawn into a similar rapport, inside the tree’s mental space. From the tree’s consciousness, an ant can sense the minds of all other ants in the colony, both in and out of the tree.
    The tree now also has a full, thinking mind. See the Colony section for more information.
    Treehoppers- Small creatures that look like leaves at a distance and move around by jumping, much faster than ants can run. They live high on the tree, as well as on the smaller plants around it, where they drink sap by piercing the plant with their mouthparts. They secrete a sweet fluid sometimes.
    You have now discovered that baby treehoppers (nymphs) look exactly like smaller adults, unlike ant larvae, and molt periodically. In addition, you now know that unlike ants, all treehoppers are capable of mating. They lay eggs inside the plants they live on.
    Dave has dissected a treehopper, and discovered that their digestive tract loops back on itself for some reason. He theorizes that the honeydew is there to get rid of all the water in the sap they drink.
    Walking Sticks- The other type of insect that lives on your tree, these are far larger than you or the treehoppers and are indistinguishable from sticks while they stand still.
    Stream- Wider across than the length of a hundred ants, this stream is south of the Great Tree. It flows from west to east, and was discovered to turn northward after a while by Fiona and Antigone. You have now marked its banks with pheromones.
    New discoveries by Antigone and Fiona show that it flows northeast for quite some time, farther than a turn’s journey, after which it joins with an even larger stream that flows north.
    Sloth- An enormous creature that is located in a neighboring tree. It has four limbs with three claws on each, gray-green fur, and does not like to move very much.
    Klaffet- Another hive of ants that live in a tree far to the north-northeast. Antigone has talked to them and gone into the hive. It is a roughly spherical mass of leaves woven together with silk, and it is inhabited by small red ants. They have a Power Source, which is red-orange and is not a sphere. Antigone has brought a group of Klaffese ants to Vannethia as diplomats.
    Antitan has learned that Klaffese soldiers are stronger than your own, and that the hive is younger than yours but also grows faster, so the two are approximately the same size as of turn 14. However, you have more defenses on your hive, and have 9 heroes to Klaffet’s 4.
    Klaffet nearly invaded you after Antigone assassinated two of their heroes, but you have made peace.
    Heliconia- A strange plant with even stranger, yet beautiful flowers that look like red beaks or claws. You can plant its seeds if you want.
    Poison- Antigone discovered that certain plants can be affected by Life magic in such a way to produce a very deadly poison. She knows how she made it, and can recognize the plant, but does not know how to get its seeds.
    Centipede- Fiona once saw a great brown-black arthropod, bigger than a walking stick, with many legs and long antennae - and it seemed predatory.
    Another centipede was sighted at the Mossy Tree by Theoanta. A valiant battle effort by the Myrmidons brought it down, and it is now held captive in the hive.
    Unknown Colony- Fiona has encountered some large black ants with dangerous-looking mouths and stingers, and followed them back to their colony. It is located near to the bank of the first stream.
    Anteater- A terrifying creature encountered by Antigone. It looks vaguely like a much more mobile sloth, with black and brown fur, a tail that moves around like a limb, and a long, tapered face and snout hiding a long, thin tongue perfect for eating ants. It seems to be a natural predator for you.
    Mossy Tree- This tree is located at the bank of the stream and is completely covered in moss. Was home to a centipede.
    Monkeys- Creatures that you sometimes see running around the treetops. They look vaguely like how a sloth would look with a treehopper’s agility, with long limbs, hands built for grabbing and swinging on branches, and a tail for the same purpose. Croverus says that they are very smart, such that a single family could match an entire hive of ants in raw mental power.
    Snake- A very, very long creature found in the trees across the stream by Fiona. It has brown scales, no limbs, and a somewhat flat head with a large, fanged mouth.
    Colonies Across the Stream- Fiona discovered that the other side of the stream is more densely populated by ants than the area surrounding Vannethia. She has found five so far: two of brown-black ants, one of red ants, one of black ants, and another one of red ants that is located in a tree like Klaffet.
    Glowing Mushroom- A type of fungus that glows in the dark because of something in its genes. You now know which parts of its genes cause it to glow.

    Biological Traits
    Appearance: You used to look like most other ants, with black chitin and three rings of golden yellow around the abdomen.
    After gaining Life powers, your black chitin has started to turn more towards green. Your golden stripes, however, remain unaffected.
    Swarm- Doubles the outcome of an action, positive or negative. 3 turn cooldown. Last used on turn 27.

    Skill Traits
    Rudimentary Tools- Some workers have begun using small objects (sticks, rocks, etc) as tools to help them work more effectively.
    Growing- You can plant and grow seeds, and then harvest the plants.
    Hive Partitioning- You can create task forces for specific purposes within your hive.
    Building- You can construct things out of materials you find, as an alternative to digging.
    Writing- You can transfer information into the form of symbols.
    Animal Training- You can train and domesticate insects and other animals.
    Basic Crafting- You can create tools, weapons, and simple machines.

    Scientific Discoveries
    Ant Biology- You have learned about the structure and workings of an ant’s body.
    -Motion is produced by the contraction of muscles, which attach to the exoskeleton.
    -Ants have a brain in their head, which connects to a nerve cord that runs through the center of the body. Lanti figured out that this is where an ant thinks and controls its body.
    -An ant has two stomachs, one where food is digested and one to hold food to share with the colony.
    -Another interesting feature is the heart, or dorsal vessel. It takes the form of a long series of heart sections running along the back of the ant’s body, and moves blood around the body.
    -Other internal features include poison glands and pheromone glands.
    Plant Biology- You have learned about the structure and functions of plants.
    -Plants get their energy from sunlight by way of their leaves, and using the sunlight to make food.
    -Plants also need water, which they take in through their roots.
    -A plant’s stem has several layers, including one that carries water (which is what the treehoppers drink from), one that carries energy in the form of food, one that holds the plant up like a skeleton, and a protective outer layer.
    Tree Biology- Zektak gained this knowledge during his rapport with the Great Tree, and shared it with the rest of the hive.
    -Trees are, on the whole, just enormous plants that grow using a single, huge stem (trunk). Trees grow very tall in order to get the sunlight before any other plants do, which has led to the creation of the jungle’s canopy of leaves.
    -A tree has a massive system of roots below ground, nearly as big as its branches. Tree roots hold the ground together. The world would be a mess if not for trees.
    -A major difference that trees have from other plants is their strength. The “skeleton” support layer of the plant forms into wood in a tree, the single strongest material you’ve encountered. The outer protective layer has a similar situation, becoming bark.
    -Trees grow more trees with seeds. Different trees have different ways of getting their seeds to places they can grow, outside of shadows. Fruit seems to be involved somehow.
    -Zektak also says that trees have minds of their own, but not everyone believes him.
    Cell Biology- By growing things to “zoom in” on how they work, you have discovered some things.
    -Living things appear to be made of small pieces that you call “cells”, which appear to be the fundamental unit of life. Cells come in a huge variety of sizes and shapes. In addition, cells have smaller features themselves, including a prominent thing in the center that looks like a smaller cell.
    -You have also noticed some fundamental differences between plant cells and animal cells, mainly that plant cells have a wall around them and animal cells don’t.
    -In the central part of the cell are some small things that look like bundles of strands. These “chromosomes” are in some way important to the cell, and without them cells simply refuse to work.
    Water Physics- You have done some experiments with water, and defined some of its properties.
    -Water is not fixed in its shape, of course, and flows to fill whatever container it is in. However, it also takes some time to flow, and is affected by wind and other forces, meaning it can slosh around and form ripples.
    -Water is “sticky” and hangs on surfaces, making them wet. Water forms roundish drops as it falls down a vertical surface or as rain, presumably because there isn’t a reason to form another shape, and round is the default shape somehow. Wet things eventually dry, based on something you don’t really know about. Your best guess is it goes into the air somehow.
    -Water doesn’t compress. It takes up a fixed amount of space, and while that space can be any shape, it’s always the same amount. This means that water can push things, which could be useful, and is pushed aside by things in it, which could also be useful.
    -When you put something in water, it either sinks or float. This doesn’t seem to be based on the weight of the thing, but rather some relation between its weight and its size.
    Simple Machines- You have discovered some important applications of your Basic Crafting skill.
    -Wheels- A round object that spins.
    -Wheel and Axle- A way to transfer the spinning from one object to another.
    -Pulleys- A wheel with a rope running up and around it. Good for changing directions, i.e. letting you lift things by pulling.
    -Gears- Wheels with teeth. Likely more useful with some math.

    Power Traits
    Life, final - You have an increased rapport with the growth and form of the life around you - and this jungle is teeming with life.
    -Growth Aura- Plants around Vannethia and the Great Tree grow much faster and larger. You gain a 200% bonus to all food gathered, and all plants grow to maturity within a turn.
    -Regeneration- Given a turn and some extra food, Vannethian ants can recover from any injury that doesn’t kill them outright, whether it’s just a scratch on their chitin or the loss of four legs.
    -Plant Manipulation- The art of using your Life powers to accelerate the growth of plants and make them into a particular shape.
    - -Combat Growth- You can grow a plant almost instantly, even in the middle of combat, as long as it is growing into a previously discovered shape.
    - -Ladder Plant- Discovered by Theoanta, this is an easily climbable shape.
    - -Spike Plant- Discovered by Theoanta and Zektak, this shape can be used as a defense. They are set up around the hive entrance.
    - -Join Plants- You can take two plant parts and join them together, to create connections or enclosed rooms.
    - -Floating Plants- Discovered by Dave, this type of plant is hollow and can float on water.
    - -Boat Plant- Discovered by Theoanta and made from Dave’s hollow plants, this plant is open on top and can float without tipping over, allowing it to hold ants.
    - -Rope Plant- Discovered by Theoanta, this is a sort of vine you can use to tether things.
    - -Glass Plant- Croverus converted parts of itself to be transparent, which you now know how to apply to other plants as well.
    -Quicken Growth- Your eggs will hatch and grow into adult ants very quickly, even within a turn.
    Mind, moderate- You have expanded your mental and organizational abilities. This currently manifests as a 50% bonus to all Skill gain.
    -Rapport with the Great Tree- Zektak once entered into a state where he melded his mind with that of the Great Tree (yes, apparently the tree has a mind). He could sense anything going on in or around the tree, and shape the wood a bit. Lanti and Dave can also do this now.
    When your Mind magic was empowered, hundreds of ants were drawn into a similar rapport, inside the tree’s mental space. From the tree’s consciousness, an ant can sense the minds of all other ants in the colony, both in and out of the tree.
    The tree now also has a full, thinking mind, but you haven’t seen very much of what that implies yet.

    Hero Traits
    Strengthen Self- Using your Life powers, you can strengthen your chitin and muscles to double your Attack or Armor, or gain a 50% bonus to both. Currently known by JoJoAnt, Antitan, Zektak, Dave, and Antimony.
    Untiring- Thanks to your Life power, you can go for extended periods of time without food or rest. When traveling long distances, this can effectively double your Speed due to no longer needing to stop. Currently known by JoJoAnt, Fiona, Antimony, Zektak, Dave, Antigone, and Theoanta.
    Heal Self- If a hero takes damage, they can heal themself for up to 2 health. Currently known by JoJoAnt, Zektak, Antitan, Dave, Antimony, Theoanta, and Fiona.
    Wings- Antimony, JoJoAnt, Zektak, Lanti, Fiona, and Dave have managed to grow wings. For Antimony, it took all of the physical and magical energy she had, but she did it. JoJoAnt did it with energy provided by Zektak, Zektak with help from Antimony, and the others with newly empowered Life abilities. All six heroes now know how to fly with them, and the first three have learned how to fight in the air.
    Chitin Shaping- You can use your Life power to shape your exoskeleton in useful ways.
    -Forelimb Spikes- Antitan and JoJoAnt have figured out how to create spikes on their forelimbs to use as weapons, which add 1 to Attack. Antitan has now figured out how to shoot these spikes and taught this to JoJoAnt and the Myrmidons.
    -Joint Extension- You can mess with the way your joints work to give yourself extra reach in combat, giving an effective +1 Armor in melee since you can be farther away. Currently exclusive to JoJoAnt.
    -Chitin Combat- You can manipulate your opponent’s carapace in combat, which can kill them from the inside or do all sorts of other things. This can be done at range, but is easier with touch. Currently exclusive to Ant-Eye.
    Healing Touch- Like Heal Self, this lets you heal 2 health, only it works on another hero you touch. You can also use this on a normal ant, which heals all of their injuries. Currently known by Theoanta, Fiona, Dave, Antitan, Zektak, Antimony, and JoJoAnt.
    Jumping and Parkour- JoJoAnt has changed the configuration of his legs to allow him to jump around and move precisely, granting +1 effective Armor and Speed.
    Mental Static- JoJoAnt has figured out a mental defense that prevents other minds from getting into his.
    Spoiler: JoJoAnt’s Secret Traits - flappeercraft only

    Pressure Point Striking- JoJoAnt has figured out how to use more precise strikes to vulnerable areas of an opponent’s body, giving +1 Attack when fighting other insects.
    Adrenaline Rush- JoJoAnt can speed up his body processes and his thinking, adding 1 to his Attack, Armor, and Speed.
    Poison Spikes- JoJoAnt can add his natural poison to the spikes on his forelimbs, including the projectile version.

    Heroes - In Hive
    JoJoAnt: Soldier - Health 6, Attack 5, Armor 5, Speed 2, Skill 1, Power 2
    Ant-Eye Aircraft Weaponry: Power Seeker - Health 5, Attack 1, Armor 1, Speed 3, Skill 2, Power 5
    Antimony: Power Seeker - Health 5, Attack 1, Armor 1, Speed 3, Skill 4, Power 7
    Dave Foreici Espimoda: Pit Boss - Health 6, Attack 1, Armor 2, Speed 2, Skill 5, Power 5
    Antitan: Guardian - Health 8, Attack 2 (3 with spikes), Armor 5, Speed 2, Skill 2, Power 2
    Theoanta: Generalist - Health 6, Attack 2, Armor 2, Speed 2, Skill 6, Power 3
    Zektak: Power Seeker - Health 5, Attack 1, Armor 1, Speed 3, Skill 2, Power 9
    Lanti Antstein: Power Seeker - Health 5, Attack 1, Armor 1, Speed 3, Skill 4, Power 7

    Heroes - Outside Hive
    Antigone: Speedster - Health 5, Attack 2, Armor 1, Speed 8, Skill 2, Power 1 - prisoner in Klaffet
    Fiona: Speedster - Health 5, Attack 2, Armor 1, Speed 10, Skill 2, Power 1 - across the stream
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